Loyola University Chicago

Services for Students with Disabilities

How It All Works

Step 1:  Sign-Up
If there is a student who is in need of notes for a class, the instructor will make an announcement in class and pass around a sheet for interested note takers.

Step 2:  We Contact You
When the sign-up sheet is returned to SSWD, you will then be contacted by us via email or phone to confirm your interest.  Note taker positions are filled first come, first serve and based on GPA.

If there is more than one interested note taker who signed up on the sheet, the position is open to whoever responds first.

Step 3: Attend a Brief Training Session
After you have been hired by the SSWD, we ask that you attend a brief training session to complete your hiring paperwork.

This session will cover the note taker procedures, discuss note taking tips, and FAQs, and provide you time to ask questions.

Step 4:  Start Submitting Notes
After the training session, you will need to start submitting your notes from the beginning of the semester.  You will need to make sure you submit your notes 2-3 times per week (depending on how often your class meets).