Loyola University Chicago

Services for Students with Disabilities

How to Request Note-Taking Accommodations

Step 1: Request your accommodations for the semester and indicate that you will need a note taker.

If you have not requested a note taker before, you will need to meet with Lauren Blanchard or Meg Kelleher to determine your eligibility for note taking services.

Step 2: Pick up your completed accommodations letters upon notification that they are complete.

Step 3: Schedule a brief meeting with your professors.

During this meeting, you will give them your letters and discuss the accommodations.

Ask the professors to:

  •     Read the note taking letter during the next class session
  •     Pass the sheet around to the class so interested note takers can sign-up
  •     Return the form to you, even if no one signed up

Step 4: Make sure you get the note taking sheet back from your professor after the sheet has been passed around the class.

Step 5: Return the sheet to SSWD so that we can contact interested note takers. Again, please turn in the form to SSWD even if no one signed up.