Loyola University Chicago

Services for Students with Disabilities

For Note Takers

SSWD's Note Taking Program is committed to helping students who need supplemental notes in their classes by providing them with clear, concise, and complete notes to review. We seek to hire students as note takers who are highly motivated, organized, and dependable.  Note takers should have good listening, communication, and writing skills, as well as a respect for the note taking process. By being conscious of your note taking, you are not only helping the student for whom you are taking notes, but yourself as well!

How It Works

  • You will be contacted via email by the Note Taker Coordinator that a student in your course has a requested a Note Taker.
  • Email the Coordinator if you are interested in being hired as a Note Taker and meet the requirements.
  • If hired, you will need to fill out a few forms so you can be paid.
  • You will email notes to SSWDNoteTaking@luc.edu within 24 hours after each class session.
  • You will receive a notification at the end of the semester that your check is ready to be picked up.


To ensure confidentiality for the students who use our services, Note Takers will not be given the identity of the student for whom they are taking notes. All notes will be sent to SSWDNoteTaking@luc.edu and will then be forwarded to the appropriate student by SSWD staff. If you have concerns about confidentiality or feel your confidentiality has not been honored, please notify our office.


Note Taker - Responsibilities Agreement

If you are a student worker on campus, you do not need to fill out a W-9. Instead, please provide your Emplyee ID (found next to your name in Kronos) to the Note Taker Coordinator. You will be paid by direct deposit.