Loyola University Chicago

Services for Students with Disabilities


All requests for accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis by a Disability Specialist. Reasonable accommodations may include academic modifications, exam modifications, and auxiliary services.

  • Academic modifications may include priority registration, part time pro­gramming, and course substitutions. 
  • Exam modifications may include additional time, provision of distraction-reduced testing environment, use of a read­er or a scribe, use of a computer, or the use of adaptive technology
  • Auxiliary services may include note takers, readers, sign language interpreters, real time captioning and other assistive technology, alternate forms of text, permission to tape record lectures, preferential seating, and photocopy enlargement.

Please note that Loyola does not provide aides, services, or devices for personal use or study. Any accommodations that fundamentally alter the nature of the course work, or the materials assigned, or are unduly burdensome financially or administratively will not be provided. Reasonable accommodations do not ensure academic success; rather they provide equal access to success during a student’s time at Loyola University.