Loyola University Chicago

University Staff Council


University Staff Council (USC) is composed of five (5) standing committees reflective of both USC members and Loyola staff. The council encourages all staff to join a committee of interest by contacting the Committee Chair. USC committees welcome suggestions or concerns and truly appreciates participation from Loyola Staff. The committees include:

Staff Development

Chair: Greg Costanzo, 2014-2015

The staff development committee serves as a conduit of information between staff and Human Resources (HR) as we partner to develop and promote the professional development of staff at three campuses: Lake Shore, Water Tower, and Health Sciences. How do we do this? The committee highlights issues of interest and concern amongst staff and notifies constituents of available opportunities for professional development.

For example, the Staff Development committee partners with the HR Training and Development department in the coordination of recruitment of mentors and mentees to participate in the Loyola University Chicago Mentoring Experience, LUC & Me - a voluntary, formal mentoring program for newly hired staff members. The program matches newly hired employees (mentees) with experienced employees who will act as mentors. Each mentor shares his/her knowledge and experience in a one-on-one partnership with a mentee. LUC & Me supports the University's initiative for employee diversity, retention and engagement. Additionally, other areas of service include partnering and coordinating with Mission & Ministry re: staff service opportunities along with assisting HR with the service portion of St. Ignatius Service Day.

The committee seeks active participants to contribute to the planning of its initiatives: 

  1. Assessment of staff development opportunities currently available and surveying staff on potential opportunities;
  2. Collating these opportunities in a one-stop-shop location;
  3. Partnering with HR, IT, and Mission and Identity to enhance the existing personal and professional staff development programs offered to Loyola staff.

Your voice is encouraged so if you're interested in becoming a member of the Staff Development committee, please contact Greg.


Chair: Megan Canty, 2014-2015

The Communications committee serves to convey information about University Staff Council (USC) and current projects to lakeside staff, as well as to channel staff feedback, suggestions or concerns back to staff council (SC), and/or the appropriate university departments.

The committee works with various modes of communication including; renovating and maintaining SC website, updating an information sheet about USC for Human Resources and print and email projects.

The committee works closely with other committee Chairs and University Marketing and Communications to promote projects, functions, fundraisers, ceremonies and other various activities sponsored by USC.  One overarching goal is to promote improved communication throughout the university community.

If you have an interest to become a member of the Communications committee, please email Megan.

Loyola Employee Emergency Fund (LEEF)

Chair: Kate Peterson

Initially established through the Baumhart Fund, the Loyola Employee Emergency Fund is supported by donations from staff and faculty ("Help Us Help Each Other"). Upon request, financial assistance may be provided to an employee through this emergency fund designed to help individual University employees (faculty and staff) recover financially from loss due to natural emergencies, accidents, catastrophes, deaths or illnesses which are no fault of the employee.

If you have an interest to become a member of the LEEF committee, please email Kate.

Staff Recognition & Excellence Awards

Chairs: Nancy Goldberger & Alyssa Travis, 2014-2015

The Staff Recognition and Excellence Awards Committee, in partnership with Human Resources, strives to recognize the extraordinary contributions of staff and their integral role in supporting and fulfilling Loyola's values. The committee plans and executes the Staff Recognition and Excellence Awards ceremony and establishes new individual and team recognition programs that reflect the University's mission in preparing people to lead extraordinary lives. Join us!

If you have an interest to become a member of the Staff Recognition & Excellence Awards committee, please email Nancy or Alyssa

Social Events & Community Building

Chair: Emmanuelle Escandar, 2014-2015

The Social Events and Community Building committee partners with departments on campus-wide events such as: the Feast of St. Ignatius Picnic, the Faculty/Staff Holiday Luncheon, LIVE After 5! and Pizza with the President. Staff volunteers for the committee or special projects are always welcome!

If you have an interest to become a member of the Social Events & Community Building committee, please email Emmanuelle.