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FYRE Living/Learning Community

Prospective Loyola Students

Are you interested in a career in science, health, engineering, mathematics, or computer science? Do you want to work on a research project with faculty and other students? Do you want to be part of a community of students who explore career planning, diversity in science and math fields, and strategies for success in medical or graduate school?

Loyola has a great opportunity for you.

The First Year Research Experience Living/Learning Community, or FYRE, is a unique opportunity that we offer at Loyola to incoming freshman interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers.

The program, which will welcome up to 160 FYRE Scholars in the fall 2017 semester, has a few main components:

  1. You will be a part of a FYRE Living/Learning Community. This allows you to live in San Francisco Hall with the other FYRE Scholars (or be a commuter with access to San Francisco activities). The Learning Community will provide study groups, a place to get information about campus, social events, and an undergraduate Resident Assistant familiar with the FYRE Program.

**Please note that students co-enrolled in the Honors Program will live in Campion Hall.

  1. In the spring, you will be enrolled in a mandatory one credit hour Loyola Seminar course taught by science, math, or computer science faculty. This will be an introduction to research practice, ethics, and career opportunities in STEM fields, as well as to the projects being conducted by Loyola faculty, staff, and students right here on campus or at the Loyola University Retreat and Ecology Center (LUREC).
  2. The best part is that during three weeks of the summer of 2018, FYRE Scholars will work on a research team with professors and students conducting research in an area of interest to you. This is full time commitment and will require you to conduct research and work in teams for 40 hours a week. During this time, you may live on campus or commute. The program will include evening activities that are not all mandatory, but highly encouraged. This is a great chance to see how the science and math you learn in your classes applies to the real world and benefits society. It is also a fantastic resume builder.

To be eligible, you do not need prior research experience, but you need to take an introductory science or math course in your first semester and also enroll for one in the spring. Applications will be accepted from all students, but to ensure a diverse community, preference will be given to students from underrepresented groups, women, and first-generation college students.

Benefits to You:

  • FYRE Living Learning Community tailored to make your transition into college easier
  • Experience working with Loyola professors, staff, and students on important research projects (For example, you could learn about invasive species and why they are a problem, be involved in getting rid of them at the Loyola University Retreat and Ecology Campus (LUREC), and study the methods and initial impacts of their removal. Or you could learn how to use mathematics to propose solutions to social justice issues such as minimum wage, drug addiction, and environmental concerns. Or you could use molecular dynamics simulations to understand the interaction of proteins with ligands. Or you could study the presence of lead in soil from communities in Chicago.)
  • Research experience to add to your resume
  • During the three-week Research Experience: A stipend of $800 and room and board for those living on campus
  • Friendships with faculty, staff, and students who share similar interests in math, science, and technology
  • Discussions and speakers about diversity in STEM fields, research opportunities available to undergraduates, graduate school, and career planning
  • Contacts and experience that can help you discover future academic, research, and career opportunities

How to apply:

To indicate your interest in the FYRE Learning Community, please access the Housing Application through the Next Stop Admitted Student Portal. Log in and click on the Residence Life link to find the application information. You will be prompted to show interest in a Learning Community and to rank your preferences. Please indicate FYRE in this screen.

You will also need to fill out an application with the FYRE program. The FYRE application is now available here: https://uao.luc.edu/register/fyre2017. Please enter the email address associated with your Admissions account to help us find your information in our system. Once you complete your Housing Application and FYRE application, we will be able to move forward in the selection process. The Housing Application and Learning Community preferences are due by May 1! Acceptance decisions will be sent in mid-June, along with your housing information if you are planning to live on campus.

This program is supported in part by a grant to Loyola University Chicago from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute through the Science Education Program.