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Thanks to generous alumni-benefactors, the John Felice Rome Center (JFRC) offers various awards exclusively for students currently enrolled in accredited, baccalaureate-granting U.S. institutions who will be studying abroad at the JFRC during a subsequent semester,

Scholarship applicants will be considered for all awards listed for which they may be eligible. Please keep in mind, though, that a candidate will receive only one award from all those for which he or she is eligible.

Please note eligibility requirements for each award. JFRC awards are available only for academic semesters; no scholarships are offered for the summer sessions.

The2012-2013 scholarship application

The usual procedure is to file the application form with the essay by the deadline and to submit the online biographical form only after notification that an applicant is a recipient. No award will actually be issued until the online JFRC Scholarship Recipient Biography Form has been submitted.

Window of submission

Applications for JFRC scholarships must be submitted only within the six-week window specified; any submitted earlier or later will not be considered.

Application WindowOpening Date for ApplicationsDeadline for ApplicationsNotifcation Date
for Spring 2013 Mon, Sep 17, 2012 Fri, Oct 26, 2012 (5:00 pm CDT) Fri, Nov 30, 2012
for Fall 2013 Mon, Apr 1, 2013 Fri, May 10, 2013 (5:00 pm CDT) Fri, Jun 7, 2013
for Spring 2014 Mon, Sep 16, 2013 Fri, Oct 25, 2013 (5:00 pm CDT) Fri, Nov 29, 2013

All application materials should be sent to the following address

Loyola University Chicago, Rome Center Office
1032 West Sheridan Road,
Chicago, IL 60660

The application form and essay should not be faxed nor sent via e-mail; materials sent by fax or e-mail will be disqualified. It is the student's responsibility to make sure all materials are received in the Chicago Office for the JFRC by 5:00 pm Central Time on the deadline date.Applications / essays received after the deadline will not be considered.

Visiting students

All scholarships are need-based; failure to have the need analysis form completed by your home institution will invalidate your application.

Available Awards

The John P. and Mary K. Felice Endowed Scholarship

Fall / Spring

Alumni and friends of the JFRC recognize, through this endowment, the immeasurable contributions of the late John Paul Felice, founder and original director, and his widow, Mary Kate Felice. The Felice Scholarships provide financial relief for tuition and academic expenses.

Felice Scholarships (up to $2,500 each) may be awarded to full-year students as well as to Fall-only or Spring-only students. The award is a single-semester scholarship, and receipt of it in Fall semester does not guarantee receipt in a subsequent Spring term.

Eligibility: GPA of 3.2 or better at a student's current institution, financial need or qualification for need (application on file with FAFSA), and prior acceptance to the JFRC.

The Vogelheim Scholarship

Fall / Spring

Through the generosity of the Katie Vogelheim (JFRC alumna 1977-78), John Hansen, and the John and Kate Hansen Family Foundation, the Vogelheim Scholarships encourage students from all financial backgrounds to apply to study at the JFRC. The scholarship will help to ensure that the JFRC remains financially accessible to a diverse student population.

Vogelheim Scholarships vary between $3,000 and $10,000; students who are studying at the JFRC for the full academic year will receive priority, although all eligible students will be considered and are strongly encouraged to apply. This award will provide financial relief for tuition and academic expenses.

Eligibility: Financial need (application on file with FAFSA) or qualification for need and prior acceptance to the JFRC.


The Carol T. Robbins Visiting Student Scholarship

Academic Year / Fall

For Fall 2012 term / full-year 2012-13, one Carol T. Robbins Visiting Student Scholarship in an amount between $3,500 and $7,500 will be awarded to a visiting student. This award will provide relief for tuition and academic charges and a portion may be used towards study trips while in Rome.

Eligibility: Visiting student (i.e. non Loyola-Chicago) from any U.S. college or university, financial need (application on file with FAFSA) or qualification for need and prior acceptance to the JFRC.


The Anthony and Susan Brazier Piazza Scholarship

Fall / Spring

In an effort to encourage more students to attend the John Felice Rome Center and experience first hand this life-changing study abroad program, Susan (JFRC alumna Spring 63) and Anthony Piazza (JFRC alumnus 1962-63) have generously endowed a scholarship fund. The Anthony and Susan Brazier Piazza Scholarship Fund will provide partial scholarship to one or more students that attend the JFRC.

A scholarship of $5,000 will be awarded to a single student for a semester of study at the JFRC.

Eligibility: Financial need or qualification for need (application on file with FAFSA), and prior acceptance to the JFRC.


The Rotary One JFRC Scholarships

Fall / Spring

Rotary One scholarships are awards of $2,000 each, and are available to Fall, Spring, or Full Year students; there is no GPA requirement. Financial need is the priority, and scholarships may be awarded to any accepted student demonstrating need.


The JFRC Alumni Class Scholarships

Fall / Spring

To continue the legacy and transformational opportunities of the JFRC for future generations, several individual JFRC classes from the Center's first thirty academic years have generously contributed to create JFRC Alumni Class Scholarships. Recognizing the important impact a term or year at the JFRC had on their lives, through the Alumni Class Scholarships the JFRC alumni are proud to help provide students with the opportunity from which they themselves so greatly benefited.

Awards range from approximately $1,000 to $5,000 and are determined by need. This award will provide relief for tuition and related academic charges.

Many thanks to all the JFRC alumni who make these scholarships possible. Special thanks for the inaugural awards of Fall 2008 go to the alumni classes of 1965-66, 1966-67,1968-69, 1975-76, 1976-77.

Eligibility: Financial need (application on file with FAFSA) or qualificiation for need and prior acceptance to the JFRC.


Requirements for scholarship applications

Requirements for all scholarships

The 2012-2013 scholarship application

How do you expect to take full advantage of your Rome Center experience and how will this experience advance your personal and career growth?

The essay should also focus on the following three aspects:

  1. What specific benefits you expect from your study at the JFRC.
  2. What impact this scholarship may have on your plans to study abroad.
  3. How your presence at the JFRC will enhance the campus community.

Your essay should also address how you plan to pay for your tuition, fees, room, board and other expenses while you are in Rome for a semester or year (will you use loans, other scholarships, money saved up, etc.?).

Finalists may be asked for a personal or telephone interview.

In order for a recipient to claim an award, the JFRC Scholarship Recipient Biography must be submitted online.

Note: Recipients of awards will be notified by e-mail on the notification date as to which award and the specific amount of the award they were offered. A recipient's filing of the above biographical form will be considered his or her acceptance of the scholarship or fellowship.

**By accepting any of these awards, a recipient agrees to provide general biographical information, digital photo of self, and a letter of thanks to the donor(s). Award recipients may also be featured in Loyola University Chicago and/or John Felice Rome Center publications. They additionally may be asked to write a brief reflection on their experience in Rome and to attend alumni and/or donor events. To submit a "thank-you" note directly to your benefactor via Donor Relations, please complete the JFRC Scholarship Recipient Biography online.*


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