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Returning Students

Information for Students Who Have Completed a Study Abroad Program

Congratulations on the completion of your study-abroad experience! First and foremost, the Office for International Programs would like to welcome you back to Loyola after your time abroad. We realize that there are a series of questions and concerns that are unique to returned students, and the information provided below is an attempt to address these areas. We realize that your mind has been stretched to new dimensions by all that you have learned abroad and that you have much to offer the Loyola community. It is our intention to help facilitate your transition back to life in Chicago at Loyola and also to request your involvement in international activities on campus, if you are so inclined.

Video Contest and Reception


Volunteering to Help Future Study Abroad Students

Photo Contest

USAC Students

Student Testimonials

Study Abroad Evaluation

Posting of Grades

Student Research Projects Completed Abroad

Study Abroad Video Contest and Returnee Reception

There will be a dinner reception for returned students at the Damen Student Center Theater on Tuesday, January 21st from 6-8pm. We will also be having a study abroad video contest where you can show your study abroad footage or photo collages for a chance to win a $100 Visa giftcard!  This is a great way to share some stories and videos from your time abroad and to learn about opportunities for further international involvement, ranging from events right here at Loyola and in the city of Chicago to opportunities abroad—working, volunteering, pursuing graduate education, or participating in grant programs.

Check out some of the videos screened at the Spring 2013 Returnee Reception by clicking on the links below!

"Semester at Sea"

"Seoul, South Korea"

"Pau, France"

"Beijing Center"

"Prague, Czech Republic & Melborne, Australia"



Contest Rules and Eligibility:

Any Loyola student who studied abroad during Summer 2013, Fall 2013 or J-Term 2014. Students may submit one video entry, NOT to exceed 3 minutes (1 minute videos preferred).  There is no theme for this contest so feel free to get creative! Videos may focus on cultural events, what your study abroad experience meant to you, showcase the incredible food you ate or the beautiful places you visited!

*Please note that any use of copyright material that is not properly credited will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the contest.  For information on copyright laws and proper artist accreditation please visit: http://www.youtube.com/t/howto_copyright

Contest Winners:

There will be a visa giftcard of $100 awarded to the winner of the following categories:

Fan Favorite – all attendees at the video night event will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite video.

Best Rome Center  Video – this will be awarded to a JFRC alumni (chosen by OIP and JFRC staff).

Best Overall – OIP staff members and partner departments will chose their favorite video to be showcased on the OIP Study Abroad Facebook page.

*Students must be present to win.


To submit a video entry, students must provide a YouTube link to their video.  To submit the YouTube Link, please create a YouTube account or channel (http://www.youtube.com/create_channel )and upload your video. Copy your YouTube video link and send it along with the LUC Media Consent Form to Lauren Miranda at lmiranda@luc.edu. Contestants must adhere to YouTube regulations to be eligible. Video hard copies may also be submitted by CD or flash drives – please hand deliver to OIP.

Please note that all submissions will be considered LUC property and are subject to editing and reproducing for OIP and LUC marketing purposes. Therefore OIP reserves the right to request the original video file. Please see the media release for further detail.

The submission deadline is Monday, January 20th, 2014. Contestants must have submitted the video release form and adhere to all copyright laws to be eligible. Please direct any questions to lmiranda@luc.edu.


Returnee Handbook

Check out this handbook that provides information to students who have returned from their study abroad experience. Find information on academics, including transfer credit and course approvals as well as tips on how to internationalize your future academic and professional career. This guidebook also provides helpful information about additional International Opportunities as well as Re-Entry Cultural Adjustment. Returning Student Handbook 2013-2014

Volunteering to Help Future Study Abroad Students

For those returnees interested in talking with prospective study abroad students, we ask that you complete a  Your completion of this form is a way for International Programs to engage your expertise on a particular program and region of the world with students who are seeking more information about study abroad and who would like to have an insider's perspective. Please submit this form to the Office for via fax, drop off, or as an e-mail attachment.

Photo Contest

The Office for International Program holds an annual Study-Abroad Photo Contest. This contest usually takes place at the beginning of each academic year. All study abroad participants are encouraged to submit photos to the contest. There are cash prizes for winners for each of four categories…so odds are good that you could win! Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity! By submitting entries to the contest, you thereby grant International Programs permission to use your photos in Loyola study abroad publications or our web site. If you have objections to the use of your photos, you may still enter the contest, but you must let the Office for International Programs know of this in writing. For details, .

USAC Students

USAC students may have the additional option of submitting photos directly to USAC. For every photo that USAC uses, they will award the students monetary prizes.

Student Testimonials

If you would like to share with the Loyola community something about what you experienced while abroad, or if you’d simply like to reflect on what you learned during your time overseas, the Office for International Programs would like to hear from you. We are offering Beck's Bookstore gift certificates to any student who turns in a study abroad testimonial that meets our basic requirements.  for further details.

Study Abroad Evaluation

In order to assess the quality and overall student happiness with Loyola’s approved study abroad programs, it is imperative that students complete the Study Abroad Evaluation. On average, it will take 20-40 minutes to complete. Your assistance in this area is of the utmost importance as it helps the university to evaluate its programs and also provides a great resources to prospective students because they can learn about the finer details of each program through your responses. You will be emailed the evaluation upon completion of your program.

Posting of Grades

For information, see Transcripts and Study Abroad   (http://www.luc.edu/studyabroad/academic_policies.shtml#transcripts )

Student Research Projects Completed Abroad

Loyola students complete research projects abroad every year. Some of the most popular research focused opportunities are through and the program. Conducting research abroad is a unique way to investigate a particular field of interest more in-depth by being in a cross-cultural setting while collecting data and observing the context in which it was recorded. Completing such projects gives students a competitive edge upon graduation by enhancing resumes with valuable hands-on learning and training. Here are some research projects from past students.

Grace Swanson

During her semester abroad in Jordan with SIT, Loyola student Grace Swanson conducted research on the plight of Syrian refugee women. Through the help of her program, she interviewed refugees, representatives from UNHCR and other aid organizations, and was able to visit the densely-populated Zaatari Refugee Camp near the Syrian border. Swanson’s research establishes the challenges women face with regards to safety, finances, and social adjustments, while also examining the effects of patriarchy on women in conflict. Read Grace's project abstract Grace Swanson - Abstract or full indpendent study project Grace Swanson - Project .


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