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While you are abroad, it is imperative that you check and maintain your Loyola email account. There will be various important reminders that International Program and other Loyola offices and departments will send to you over email.

Mark Archibald in the Department of Residence Life will contact you while abroad to inquire about whether you would like to live on campus upon your return to Loyola. As a study abroad student, you will not have to submit the housing deposit.  On campus housing will be available for students who are returning from study abroad programs.  You will be able to request on campus roommates via email.

The same registration procedures apply to Loyola students who are studying abroad as to those who are taking courses on the Chicago campus. Students will receive a university wide reminder email about registration dates and a list of access schedule times. The Office for International Programs will also send an email reminder regarding registration. You can use the Access Schedule table to determine when you will gain access to LOCUS. Please be sure to check you access time before you register. You may access LOCUS to register anytime on or after your scheduled access time, and you may do so any number of times to make schedule changes. LOCUS is available virtually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The order of access is based on a student's total earned hours of credit, including accepted transfer credit, as recorded in Loyola's student database. Unfortunately, exceptions to the Access Schedule cannot be made for students studying abroad.

Study abroad students should keep in mind that while abroad you are enrolled in a placeholder course (INDS 300x) worth 12 credits. This will remain on your schedule in LOCUS until International Programs receives your transcripts from abroad. For more information about the placeholder, see Enrollment Status While Abroad.

To find out about course listings for upcoming semesters, visit the online course schedule. As soon as the course schedules for a given term become available, they will be posted as a PDF file on this web page.

If you encounter problems registering while abroad, it could be that you have a block on your account. A block would occur most likely for financial reasons. If you unsure why the block is occurring there is normally a block indicator (a red circle with a diagonal line through it) you can click on in LOCUS. This will tell you from where the block is stemming. Here are the Loyola contacts depending on the type of block that you might have:

Please contact International Programs if you are having programs deciphering the block or contacting the necessary Loyola office(s).

Keep in mind (when registering for classes) that some courses require special permission or set prerequisite courses. If you are unsure why you cannot gain entry into a course or if a course you would like to register for is full, the most useful route would be to contact the department directly via e-mail.

Academic Policies
Please refer to the study abroad Academic Policies page for information on credit transfer, grading, enrollment abroad, and study abroad transcripts.

Financial Aid
For any questions about your financial aid package, including information about when loans will be applied to your account, please contact the Financial Aid Officer by phone: 773.508.7704; or e-mail: lufinaid@luc.edu.

Study Abroad Handbook
In this handbook, you will find information about academics, finances, health, safety, travel and other topics related to your study abroad experience. If you have any questions about the handbook, feel free to contact the Office for International Programs.



Office for International Programs · Sullivan Center, 6339 N. Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL 60660
Mailing Address: 1032 W. Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL 60660
773.508.7706 · studyabroad@luc.edu

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