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Summer Session 2014

If you have questions about a specific course, please feel free to contact us at summer-sessions@luc.edu. Visit our Online Course Descriptions page for more information on each course.

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Waitlists: For Summer Sessions 2014 online classes only, once a course is full, Loyola will active a waitlist through LOCUS.

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CourseIDSessionSynchronous TimeInstructorCredit Hours



General Chemistry A
CHEM 101 A MW, 9:30-11:30 a.m. Daubenmire/Brazdil 3
General Chemistry B CHEM 102 B MW, 9:30-11:30 a.m. Daubenmire/Brazdil 3

Computer Science

Visual Information Processing: Mobile Apps for Google Android COMP 125 A TBA Honig 3
Introduction to Computing COMP 150 A TBA Harrington 3
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming COMP 170 C TBA Yacobellis 3
Open Source Computing COMP 312/412 C TBA Thiruvathukal 3
Wireless Networking and Security COMP 349/449 B TBA Schmitz 3

Criminal Justice & Criminology

Intimate Partner Violence CRMJ 373 B TBA Stalans 3


Exploring Drama ENGL 272 (WI) A TBA Boyle 3
Women in Literature: Contemporary Memoir ENGL 283 (WI) B TBA Mann 3
Human Values in Literature ENGL 290 (WI) A TBA Scheidenhelm 3
Human Values in Literature

ENGL 290

B TBA Mann 3


Evolution of Western Ideas & Institutions since 17th Century HIST 102 B TBA Dennis 3
American Pluralism HIST 203 A TBA Manning 3
Global History since 1500 HIST 204 A TBA Khodarkovsky 3

Modern Languages & Literatures

Italian I ITAL 101 A TBA Defraia 3
Italian II ITAL 102 B TBA Feinstein 3


Ethics PHIL 181 A TBA Drogalis 3
Social and Political Philosophy PHIL 182 A TBA Drogalis 3
Environmental Ethics PHIL 287 B TBA Derdak 3


College Physics I PHYS 111 A TBA Bougie  3

Political Science

Political Theory PLSC 100 B TBA Mayer 3
International Relations in an Age of Globalization PLSC 102 B TBA Grigorescu 3


Social Psychology PSYC 275 A TBA Mallett 3


Introduction to Christianity THEO 100 A TBA Radde-Gallwitz 3
Introduction to Religious Studies THEO 107 A TBA McCarthy 3
Introduction to Christian Ethics THEO 185 B TBA Viau 3
Introduction to Buddhism THEO 297 B TBA Lewis 3


Introductory Accounting I ACCT 201 A TBA Zeller 3
Introductory Accounting II ACCT 202 B TBA Gillespie 3
Accounting Information Systems ACCT 308 A TBA/ hybrid Zeller 3
Intermediate Economics ECON 303 C TBA Trevino 3
Operations Management OPMG 332 C TBA Ishfaq 3
Principles of Marketing MARK 201 C TBA Mc Grath 3
Business Internship: Core Civic Engagement BSAD 351 C TBA/ hybrid Jones 3
Business Internship: Core Civic Engagement BSAD 351 C TBA Gramata 3


Principles of Advertising COMM 211 B TBA Yoo 3
Ethics and Communication COMM 215 A TBA TBA 3


Social Welfare Policy & Services I SOWK 201 (Writing Intensive) C TBA Sokolec 3
Cultural Diversity SOWK 370 C TBA Kim  


These courses are typically restricted to RN to BSN and SCPS students until one week before the session starts. Once the restriction is lifted, enrollment will take place on a "first-come first-served" basis in LOCUS. There are no waitlists for these courses.
Women in Literature ENGL 283 (WI) A TBA Weller 3
Exploring Fiction ENGL 273 B TBA Marbais 3
The Writing of Poetry ENGL 317 A TBA Cramond 3
The Writing of Fiction ENGL 318 B TBA Harper 3
Introduction to Film History ENGL 284 B TBA Pribisic 3
Evolution of Western ideas & Institutions from 17C HIST 102 B TBA Leazer 3
American Pluralism HIST 203 A TBA Garneau 3
Aesthetics PHIL 277 A TBA Giacchetti 3
Aesthetics PHIL 277 B TBA Giacchetti 3
Environmental Ethics PHIL 287 B TBA Derdak 3
Statistics PSYC 304 A TBA Sinacore 3
Statistics PSYC 304 A TBA Price 3
Topics in Moral Problems: Catholic Social Teaching and
Health Care Delivery
THEO 192 A TBA Sever 3
Topics in Moral Problems: Catholic Social Teaching and
Health Care Delivery
THEO 192 A TBA Sever 3
Moral Problems: Social Justice THEO 192 A TBA Berger 3


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