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Summer Sessions

Communication Courses

2015 Classes: The courses listed below include undergraduate Summer Sessions courses offered by the School of Communication. For course descriptions, click on the name of the course or view all course descriptions. For more information or to access course syllabi, please visit the School of Communication website.

All current Loyola students should register for—and obtain information about—Summer Sessions classes through LOCUS. All Loyola and visiting students should refer to LOCUS for the most up-to-date course availability and enrollment information.

Core Curriculum:  Some Summer Sessions courses will fulfill Loyola Core curriculum requirements. For more information on approved Core courses, please use the following link: http://www.luc.edu/core/.

Graduate Courses: For information about graduate courses, contact the Graduate School, individual schools, or departments.

Session Dates: Please review Summer Sessions dates here.

Please contact the School of Communication at 312.915.6955 for any course updates, or check in LOCUS.


IDSessionCampusDayTimeInstructorCredit Hours
Public Speaking and Critical Thinking COMM 101  WTC TWTh 3:35-5:45 PM  Brown 3
Public Speaking and Critical Thinking COMM 101  WTC MTW 1:10-3:20 PM  Romanelli 3
Public Speaking and Critical Thinking COMM 101 B WTC MW 6:00-9:15 PM  Limon 3
Introduction to Communication COMM 175 C WTC  TBA


Madalinski 3
Communication and New Media COMM 200 A WTC TWTh 10:45 AM -12:55 PM  Doughertya 3
Reporting and Writing Across Platforms COMM 205 (WI) A WTC MTW 

1:10 PM-3:20 PM 

Rogers 3
Principles of Public Relations COMM 210 A Online Online Online Kamerer 3
Principles of Advertising COMM 211 A WTC Th 6:00-9:15 PM Wirth 3
International Advertising COMM 212 5W1 ROME TTH 9:00-12:20PM Morris 3
Ethics and Communication COMM 215 A Online Online Online Murphy 3
Introduction to Cinema COMM 274  A WTC TWTh 1:10-3:20 PM  Strosnider 3
International Public Relations COMM 278 M46 LOND TBA TBA Kruvand 3
Digital Storytelling: Study Abroad/Chile COMM 373 MIN CHIL May 9- May 23  TBA Goheen 3
Communication Practicum COMM 381 C WTC  TBA  TBA TBA 3
Journalism Practicum COMM 382 C WTC  TBA  TBA TBA
Digital Cinema Practicum COMM 384 C WTC  TBA  TBA TBA 3
Internship - Advertising and Public Relations COMM 391 C WTC  MW  6:00-8:30 PM  Ritchell 3
Internship - Journalism COMM 392 C WTC  MW

 6:00-8:30 PM

 Slania 3
Internship - Communication Studies COMM 393 C WTC  MW  6:00-8:30 PM  TBA 3

Directed Study