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Summer Scholars

Meet Past Students

Read what some recent Summer Scholars had to say about their Loyola experience: 

"The best thing about this program was taking advantage of all the opportunities available to me. Not only were we taking challenging and interesting classes, but the program provided us with activities such as White Sox games and a Second City performance. I will never forget anyone I met this summer, and I am constantly in contact with them now. I will hold onto the friendships I made this summer for a long time." 

- Lauline Gough, Summer Scholars '08, Loyola University Chicago '13

 "I wanted to experience college life to know what I was striving for. The best part of the experience was meeting new people from different states. I also enjoyed how maturely we were treated, as if we were already in college."

- Alexis Mayorga, Summer Scholars '08, St. Xavier University '13

"My favorite part of the program was the whole work hard/play hard attitude. My friends and I spent hours studying in the library, and then went off to the beach, a baseball game, or the Art Institute. I also learned a few times that spending hours playing around on the Internet gets you no closer to finishing a research paper."

- Paige Humecki, Summer Scholars '08, Northwestern University '13

 "I'm not afraid of leaving the safety of my high school classrooms anymore. In fact, I'm ready to be thrown out of those doors right now! My time spent at Loyola made me confident that I'll make it through my college career, so nothing worries me now. I plan to major in biology, and the credits that I received during the Pre-Collegiate Summer Scholars program will give me a boost. I have an advantage because of the experience I received from the program."

- Kristen McCormack, Summer Scholars '08, Loyola University Chicago '13

"I thought this program would be an awesome experience because Loyola is one of my top college choices, and I thought that by doing the Summer Scholars program I could see if it was the right school for me." 

- Adelina Alkhatib, Summer Scholars '08, Loyola University Chicago '13 

Video Testimonials

To watch the student videos, click on an individual's name. Each person shares their own experiences as they participated in the Pre-Collegiate Summer Scholars program. 

Eduardo Macias from Chicago, IL tells us about his classes and that his favorite part about Loyola was its small class sizes.

Genevieve Healy from Aurora, IL talks about how much she enjoyed her classes as well as her experience at Loyola.


Jackie Holodak from Portland, OR talks about getting the college experience and why she chose the Summer Scholars program.

Kelly Goetz from Arlington Heights, IL tells us what classes she's taking as well as what she gained from the Summer Scholars program.

Kyle Kunitz-Kelly from Taylor, MI tells us how his writing skills   improved during his visit to Loyola.


Maia Luke from New York, NY describes why she enjoyed the Summer Scholars program.

Maria Garcete from Dhahran, Saudia Arabia tells us about her classes and what she thinks about the City of Chicago.

Mitch Goebel from Edwardsville, IL talks about what he learned during his time at Loyola.


Ricardo Magallon from Riverside, IL talks about why he chose the Pre-Collegiate program at Loyola University

Also, students in the Convergence Journalism course created a series of videos addressing several issues that today's youth face everyday. Check them out below!


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