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For Commuter Students

Because living in a residence hall is an important aspect of the college experience helping you form closer bonds with other students, we encourage all students to live on campus. However, students in the Chicagoland area do have the option of commuting to campus each day. 

As a commuter, you will be required to attend class Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 12:00pm. You are also encouraged to participate in the daily activities and weekend excursions. You won’t want to miss out on the fun!


Students and their parents/guardians should proceed directly to the Family Orientation. It is a required event for all students and parents/guardians; please call (773) 508-7772 for more information.

Please arrive early, so students may be officially checked-in. At this time, students will be given copies of any documents which still need to be completed and an emergency contact card. Once the missing and/or incomplete documents have been returned, students will receive their first CTA pass, program t-shirt, lanyard and portfolio.

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Driving You Own Vehicle

Commuter students who wishes to bring a car to campus must be over the age of 16 and be fully insured. Once accepted into the program, you need to apply for a parking pass or look into daily visitor parking rates. Keep in mind - you are not allowed to driving another Summer Scholar student in your personal vehicle for any reason!

At no time shall a commuting student drive another student, either commuter or residential, on or off campus without written consent from the parents/guardian of the driver and passenger. In addition, no commuter student shall allow another commuting or residential student to be in or on his/her personal vehicle. 

Utilizing CTA

Commuter students will be issued a CTA passes for the duration of the program. We encourage commuters to utilize Chicago's CTA system instead of paying the added cost of driving their personal vehicles.

We issue commuter students passes on a weekly basis. You may pick-up your new CTA pass beginning Monday morning at front desk of Messina Hall. Once distributed, students will be responsible for the security of their CTA pass. Should it become lost or stolen, you will need to pay to purchase a new card.

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Summer Scholar's base of operations is Messina Hall. Please feel free to utilize the hall as a place to study, socialize, meet for activities, pick up their CTA passes, or wait for rides at the end of the day. Every commuter student has full access to enter the residence hall 24-hours a day. The front gate and exterior doors may be opened by using your Loyola ID card. To access, simply swipe your card in front of the black box to unlock the gate and/or doors.

Please let the program staff know if your card is not working. 

Overnight Stays

As a commuter, if you wish to stay overnight, you must do the following:

  1. Make a selection of only weekend days
  2. Obtain permission from both roommates
  3. Have your parent send an approval email to summerscholars@luc.edu within 48 hours of stay

Program staff strives to accommodate student requests as often as possible. Although, when necessary, we reserve the right to deny requests based on suitability and behavioral concerns.

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All activities and events are open any interested student. Please review our 2012 Activity Calendar to get an idea of the kinds of programs we will be conducting this summer. Students will be required to RSVP in advance, for certain activities, due to limited availability.

The 2014 Activity Calendar will be distributed during the Family Orientation. And look to our Facebook page to be frequently updated on specific details for the day's events.

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As Summer Scholars, you are held accountable to the same set of Community Standards as any other Loyola student.


We ask all commuters be cognizant of Chicago curfew hours; especially evening curfew hours of 10:00pm on Sunday through Thursday and 11:00pm on Friday and Saturday. We ask you allocate enough time to safely travel between campus and home. Program staff is available to escort students home upon request.

On occasion, the program will offer events which run late into the evening or require students to be driven to secondary locations. In those instances, we will provide students a ride home.

Check-out Policy

We mandate all students utilize the group system (groups are made up of 3 or more people) whenever they venture off campus. We ask that commuter students follow the same check-out procedures as residential students:

  1. Travel and stay in groups of (3) or more at all times
  2. Sign-in/out at the front desk indicating all members of your group
  3. Identify destination and time of return

Once signed out, students may freely roam the Rogers Park boundaries (North to Pratt, South to Glenlake, West to Glenview) with their group members. These boundaries have been established for everyone’s safety and for the ease of Loyola's Campus Safety officers ability to respond quickly in an emergency.  

For excursions beyond the set boundaries, students will need added supervision by one or more of the program staff members and/or course instructors.   

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Commuter students have full access to all of Loyola University Chicago’s academic facilities, libraries, electronic resources and computing centers.

Other Resources available to you will be:

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Academic assistance is available to commuter students. These students can participate in study groups, contact program staff members or meet with faculty members for help outside of regular program hours.

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These policies should not be considered all-inclusive. Parents and/or guardians of commuting students are encouraged to contact Karladora Chavez, Coordinator of Pre-College Summer Programs, at summerscholars@luc.edu to discuss specific expectations for commuting students enrolling in the Summer Scholars Program.

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Summer Scholars · The Office of First-Year Experience · 255 Sullivan Center, 1032 West Sheridan Road, Chicago IL 60660 · Phone: 773.508.7381 · summerscholars@luc.edu

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