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Summer Scholars

For Parents

The Pre-College Summer Scholars program at Loyola University Chicago allows your student to take part in a real college experience before he or she graduates from high school. Students develop college-level discussion, research, and time management skills which will better prepare them for the future.

In addition to coursework, your student will receive an introduction to many aspects of college life: being away from home, having a roommate, getting to know students from all over the U.S. and from several other countries, and participating in many extracurricular activities.

Then upon successful completion of the Summer Scholars program, your student will have earned transferable college credit(s)!

Shaped by our city and our Jesuit tradition, Loyola University Chicago offers students an educational environment unmatched for its diversity of thought and experience.

With three campuses spread throughout the greater Chicago area-- including along the stunning shoreline of Lake Michigan and in the heart of downtown's Magnificent Mile-- students have access to hundreds of cultural institutions as well as thousands of internships and networking opportunities with the city's Fortune 500 companies. Study abroad programs at our Rome and Beijing Centers provide engagement with the global community and economy.

While rigorous programs of research and study are one hallmark of a Jesuit education, we're not just preparing students for a career, we're preparing them for life. We challenge our students to learn broadly, to think critically, to serve generously, to lead with integrity, to respect diversity. We come from all faiths and ethnic and economic backgrounds, with a common purpose of building a better society.

Our program has exclusive use of Messina Hall:

  • A residence hall on our Lake Shore-Rogers Park campus
  • The floors are mixed gender with suite-style (two rooms per bathroom) rooms
    • Each suite will be separated by gender and all rooms will have double occupancy (unless otherwise specified)
    • Accommodations can be made for students who wish to have a private room (additional fees will be assessed)
  • Contains a common kitchen on the first floor with a refrigerator and microwaves that are available for all to use

If necessary, there will be an opportunity for students to travel to Target with staff members to purchase supplies they may have forgotten.

Program staff members include College Coaches and Program Coordinators (PCs) who live in the residence hall alongside the students. The program is designed to give students a taste of college life while also recognizing the students are under the age of 18 and require added supervision.

The PCs are typically graduate students with experience in counseling and/or residential life. They supervise the College Coaches and make sure the overall program is running smoothly.

College Coaches are undergraduate students from various universities, who are responsible for:

  • supervising the well-being of every student enrolled in the program whether commuter or residential
  • taking lead during activities, off campus excursions and during the evenings/weekends
  • Assisting with course projects and/or reviewing homework
  • Being a positive role model
  • Providing leadership in emergency situations
  • Getting to know each student individually
  • Creating a positive environment
  • Addressing discipline issues

The Assistant Director and Program Coordinators will rotate being on-call 24 hours a day. Our program staff members are dedicated to creating a safe and fun experience for every student. If you have any special concerns or questions, please speak with one of us during Orientation check-in.

Invoices for student accounts are maintained and distributed by the Office of the Bursar, which generates the tuition and housing bills. These invoices can be accessed through your student’s LOCUS account.

LOCUS is an integrated, Web-based student information system. LOCUS allows students to enroll in courses, view and process financial information, change addresses and phone numbers, request official transcripts and more. LOYOLA NO LONGER SENDS PAPER COPIES OF TUTION STATEMENTS.  

Once students are enrolled in classes, Loyola generates an electronic bill (e-Bill) on the 15th of every month for any outstanding tuition or housing balances. Soon after their e-Bill is generated, an e-mail notification will be sent. Payments are due on the 5th of the following month. Monthly invoices are generated for current charges only. A student account may not be billed for the entire cost of the program in one cycle. We encourage you to check their account multiple times to make sure all bills are paid in full.

Students may set up proxy access to their financial accounts for parents and other guests with the following steps:

  1. Login to your LOCUS account at: www.luc.edu/locus.
  2. Click on Personal Portfolio.
  3. Click on Parent/Guest Access.
  4. Click on Add Parent/Guest.
  5. Click the 'I Accept' button on the consent form.
  6. For each parent or guest, enter the person's last and first name, e-mail address and assign a password. (You may assign the same password to all those who receive proxy; or assign a different password for each.) The password is case-sensitive, must be 6 characters in length and include 2 digits. The university will assign each proxy with a Universal ID, which will be sent to each via the e-mail addresses you provided.
    *YOU are the only person who has the password(s) for those who have Parent/Guest Access, and you will need to communicate this information to them. Make certain you let them know when you have set them up with access and provide them with their password(s).
  7. Check off all three of the boxes labeled Account Summary, e-Bill, Financial Aid, and View 1098T for all Bursar services.  The Discuss Academic Records option is maintained and regulated by the office of Registration and Records.
  8. Click Save.

Note that Bursar proxy access DOES NOT provide access to your grades, student judicial affairs, or personal information.

Make a payment at anytime in LOCUS by e-check or credit card; LOCUS takes Mastercard, Amex, Discover, DinersClub. *No Visa. Links to the payment section can be found directly from Campus Finances and the Student e-Bill History page, as well as from the e-Bill itself. To view more payment options, click here.

Our staff will meet residential students traveling without an adult at the airport. We will accompany students utilizing the Chicago transportation system. The companion service will  provide students the opportunity to navigate our transportation system while engaging in Chicago's culture.

  • We accompany students during arrival and departure from both Chicago airports as well as nearby Metra and Amtrak stations.
  • Companion service is available on arrival and departure days only
  • Students must email their itineraries to: summerscholars@luc.edu within 48 hours of their arrival and/or departure
  • We will confirm receipt of arrival and/or departure details via email

Please review our companion schedule (listed below) prior to making your travel reservations.

Service Days Times
Move-In AM Companion Service
8:00am to 12:00pm
  NO SERVICE During Family Orientation 1:00 - 4:00pm
  PM Companion Service 4:30 - 8:00pm
Move-Out AM Companion Service 8:00am to 12:00pm

Please review our IMPORTANT DATES page for other need to know information.

Our program staff members designs an activity calendar which contains optional afternoon, evening and weekend programming for the duration of your student's stay. Each of these events are supervised by at least one staff member. Incorporated in this calendar may be the following:

  • Service learning opportunities
  • WII competitions
  • Second City
  • Six Flags
  • Arts exhibits / street fairs
  • Cubs and/or Sox baseball games
  • World class museum visits including the Shedd Aquarium

Please review the sample 2012 Activity Calendar to get a idea of the opportunities available to your student. Weekend activities are planned over the course of several hours, so students need to be mindful of their need for study and relaxation as the weekend comes to a close. We strongly encouraged attendance to the following events:

  • Parent/Student Orientation
  • Group Dinner after Parent/Student Orientation
  • Student orientation with campus tour
  • Final night festivities 

There is a mixture of programs which are free and those that have a fee attached. It is important to know that any program with an added fee has been subsidized to a fraction of its original cost. Again, all the planned programs and events are optional. Alternatively, program staff members provide opportunities for students to win admission into certain desirable events by participating in several group challenge games or earning Scholar of the Week!!


Payment and Financial Aid

  • What is the total cost of the program?
  • Is financial aid available?

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  • When is the best time to arrive on campus?
  • Will there be someone to meet my son/daughter at the airport?
  • What if we arrive at the residence hall outside the designated check-in time?
  • Are Summer Scholars allowed to drive to campus?
  • May I give my son/daughter permission to travel by themselves?

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  • How can the students obtain their transcripts after the program has ended?
  • How large are the classes?

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  • How many students participate in the Summer Scholars program?
  • Do most students attend the program alone or with friends?
  • What do Summer Scholars students do in their free time?
  • May commuter students participate in the planned programs and activities?
  • May commuters students hang out with other students at the residence hall?
  • May students visit with family friends and/or relatives during the program?

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Staff / Supervision

  • Who will supervise my son/daughter?
  • What sort of supervision will students have?

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  • How much spending money will Summer Scholars need during the program?
  • What is the Family Orientation?
  • Do students need to bring a laptop to the campus?
  • What if my son/daughter does not have room to pack his/her bed linens?
  • What if we need to cancel?

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Summer Scholars · The Office of First-Year Experience · 255 Sullivan Center, 1032 West Sheridan Road, Chicago IL 60660 · Phone: 773.508.7381 · summerscholars@luc.edu

Notice of Non-discriminatory Policy