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Sustainability in the Curricula

Students from across disciplines engage in environmental problem-solving courses and internships to advance sustainability on campus and beyond.

  • Loyola University Chicago's Environmental Studies/Science Program integrates a framework to train and educate students in the classroom and the field, through environmental science and policy research projects, community outreach, and internships.
  • Loyola University Chicago offers the Green Learning Community, a freshman program to enhance students' learning and exploration of the human impact on the environment, and learn to live more sustainability.
  • Loyola's Center for Urban Environmental Research & Policy collaborates with department to develop new courses to provide students the knowledge necessary to address complex social, economical, and environmental problems in preparation for leadership.
  • Interdisciplinary environmental research and sustainability fellowships available through the Center for Urban Environmental Research & Policy.

Solutions to Environmental Problems (STEP)

A series of hands-on, interdisciplinary, and experiential learning courses offered by CUERP.  The course topic changes periodically based on student interest, but the goal is always to inform student about a pressing environmental issue and provide them with a way to address those on campus and/or in the surrounding community.

For complete details and a list of STEP projects, please visit:  STEP Courses

STEP Biodiesel

For three semesters 2007-2008, students examined the social, political, and economic issues related to energy use and production.  Students addressed local fuel use and emissions issues directly through class-wide and small group projects.

BIOFUELS Lab Course: Enduring the legacy of sustainability at Loyola, CUERP launched the lab course to continue offering sustainability education through renewable energy production at Loyola. 

Powering Minds, Powering Futures:  As a direct result of STEP Biodiesel courses, Powering Minds, Powering Futures provides outreach to regional teachers and schools on alternative energy production.  This program is funded by the U.S. EPA.

STEP Food Systems

The second topic within the STEP series of environmental issues currently has students exploring the social, historical, political, and environmental contexts of our nation's food systems. 

They are examining the various issues that result from the current food system and are working to address some of the issues as they relate to the Loyola campus and local food systems.


STEP Students Sharing Knowledge with the Community

Photos courtesy of Mark Beane, Loyola's Photographer and Marketing Coordinator.

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