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Get Involved!

There are many ways for YOU to get involved in Loyola's campus sustainability

Meeting people, learning about the topics and collaborating with others to create solutions to ecological challenges are just a few of the incredible benefits of getting involved in sustainability at LUC.  Here you'll find a few resources that can help plug you into campus projects:

Unified Student Government Association
Undergraduate student government representing the student body  

Biodiesel Club 
A club open to any student interested in learning about, making, and teaching people about biodiesel production in the Loyola Biodiesel Lab 
Student run business dedicated to providing bike rentals to students, faculty and staff 
Growers' Guild
A  student gardening club  
Shareholder Advocacy Committee
Comprised of faculty, students and staff that are committed to engaging in initiatives to effect positive change--one initiative is the Committee is raising awareness of the financing of coal mining through mountain top removal 
Student Environmental Alliance (SEA)
A student group committed to raising awareness about the environment and promoting change through action--Email:
Center for Urban Environmental Research & Policy (CUERP) 
Works to expand knowledge in the service of humanity by teaching interdisciplinary educational programs and conducting research and outreach activities on pressing environmental issues.  There are a variety of projects in which to get involved...a few include:
     -waste reduction and recycling (e-recycling, composting, etc.) 
     -biodiesel production soap production 
     -farmers market
     -urban agriculture Solutions to Environmental Problems (STEP) courses    

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