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Sustainability - Old


Outreach and Public Service

Loyola University Chicago is committed to the advancement of societal understanding and appreciation of the environment in the urban setting.  The University offers students a rewarding experience under the guidance of CUERP, other Centers of Excellence and departments to conduct outreach and public service projects that are educational and help to build practical life-skills. 

Community Sustainability 

  • Collaborate with community partners such as the Edgewater Community Council and Rogers Park Green Corp to develop sustainable environment plans.
  • Develop internship opportunities with community partners.
  • Biodiesel Lab tours give an overview of CUERP's mission, the STEP and Biodiesel Programs, and a step-by-step walk through of the biodiesel production process.
  • Conduct workshops that focus on small-scale biodiesel production, alternative transportation, waste reduction and composting, and home energy reduction.
  • Collaborate with Chicago Wilderness, a consortium of more than 200 environmental experts working to protect biodiversity in northeastern Illinois and northwestern Indiana.

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