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Martina Schmeling, Ph.D.

Title/s: Associate Professor

Office #: Flanner Hall 408

Phone: 773.508.3124

E-mail: mschmel@luc.edu


Martina Schmeling received her PhD from the University of Dortmund/Institute for Spectrochemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, Germany in 1997. She spent one year at the University of Antwerp, Belgium as visiting professor and one year at Princeton Universit before before joining Loyola University Chicago. Her research interests are focused on the topic of atmospheric chemistry and in particular the study of trace elements in atmospheric aerosols by X-ray spectrometry. Opposite to the greenhouse gases, which are responsible for the global warming, the aerosols, tiny particles in the atmosphere, have a cooling effect to the earth climate, by reflecting, scattering and absorption of light. They also are responsible for cloud formation and rain as on their surface water vapor can condense and form droplets, which precipitate when reach a certain size. Aerosols contain often trace metals, but until now it is not yet clear, which role these play in cloud formation. Trace metals, however, can be used as indicators for transport patterns of air masses since they are chemically very stable and don't change their chemical status over long time and distance. A systematical study of aerosols will enable us to receive a better picture about their role in the chemistry of the atmosphere and provide us with information about the transport of air masses. Dr. Schmeling teaches Quantitative Chemical Analysis CHEM 215 and Atmospheric Chemistry CHEM 395 and 455.


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