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Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Edible Landscaping

Take a second look around campus and you will find that there is a lot to eat! Students explored the campus' edible landscape and with guidance from staff, there now exists a map of the current edible plants around campus.

Before clicking on the link above to the map, please not that the map was made using Google Maps and Google's map of LUC's Lakeshore campus is a few years old.  Therefore, the location of the plants we have recorded, relative to campus buildings, are currently not able to be properly integrated in all cases.  The markers on the map however represent the true locations of the current edible plants on campus, as they were recorded by longitudinal coordinates through the use of a precise calibrated GPS device.  In short although the map is inaccurate the markers are accurate based on the longitudinal coordinates.  We have contacted Google to have the map updated as soon as possible, expecting a seamless transfer of the plant markers.

Harvest Calendar - The harvest calendar serves as a quick and easy guide to aide in the collection of fruit and plants parts at the right time throughout the year.

Edible Plants at Loyola - The plant database provides important information about the edible plants on campus, including pictures, plant names, edible parts and uses, and known hazards. Other information, such as plant height and width, growth conditions, growth zone and plant characteristics can be utilized by those who want to grow these plants at home. Links to other websites are included that provide more information on the desired plants.  


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