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Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Net-Zero Energy Campus

Loyola Retreat and Ecology Campus

The Retreat and Ecology Campus located in McHenry County, Illinois is poised to harness clean-energy technology and dramatically reduce its carbon footprint with the goal of running the entire campus on renewable energy. 

Working to implement clean-energy plans and achieve a net-zero energy status through energy efficiency and renewable energy, the University is setting out to accomplish three important goals for the campus :

This ambitious plan is already in progress.  Simple, obvious improvements have been implemented such as improved insulation, replacement of single-paned windows and replacement of inefficient HVAC systems. We are in the process of planning the renewable installations, including photovoltaic solar panels, solar thermal, a wind turbine and ground loop geothermal, which will cover all energy needs for the campus. Below is a sample of the plan to become a "Net-Zero" energy campus.


Institute of Environmental Sustainability
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