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Biodiesel Lesson Plans

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive collection of activities that teach scientific principles through the lens of alternative fuel production. We continue to develop new labs and lessons in our Biodiesel Lab, but we also encourage teachers to submit their ideas to us. Please help us to build a library of biodiesel, alternative energy, and environmental sustainability labs.

Biodiesel Lab - All Labs v4.0 - 2013 (8 Labs)
Teacher Manual, Student Lab, Data Sheets, and Post Lab Questions Included
Updated: August 16, 2013 

Individual Labs:

Making Biodiesel with Virgin Oil - 2013
Topics: Making biodiesel, exothermic reactions, products, and reagents

Waste Oil Biodiesel and Titrations - 2013
Topics: Utilizing waste cooking oil, titration (acid/base), neutralizing solutions

Viscosity of Biodiesel and Oil - 2013
Topics: How to identify and manipulate viscosity and its importance

Properties of Liquids - 2013 - By Connie Doyle, Senn High School in Chicago, IL
Topics: Differentiate and identify density and viscosity

Fuel Combustion and Emissions - 2013
Topics: Emissions, completeness of combustion, and how matter is affected

Reaction Efficiency - 2013
Topics: Principles of efficient reactions and quality control testing

Glycerin Soap Making - 2013 - From Biodiesel Glycerin
Topics: Utilizing waste glycerin and controlling physical properties

Biofuel Life Cycle Analysis - 2013
Topics: Diagram life cycles of ethanol and biodiesel then estimate/test/correct various process inputs

Renewable Energy Debate - 2013
Topics: Identify, evaluate, and debate types of renewable energy

Please e-mail us to learn more about the resources available through our program and feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas: zwaickm@luc.edu.