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Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Composting & Recycling

Recycling at Loyola

What can you recycle at Loyola? Click here to find out!

Through education, Loyola is making great strides to conserve resources thereby reducing the university’s impact on the environment.

The University's recycling program is managed by the Facilities Management Department.  They partner with the Institute's Office of Sustainability and Residence Life to reach out across the campus to ensure recyclables are recycled! 

Recyclable items (mixed paper, plastics #1-7, aluminum/foil items, and glass) are collected separately from other solid waste items. Additionally, mixed paper is collected separately from the plastics, cans and glass items through a "dual-stream" collection process.

Since 2007 new programs have been implemented to collect batteries, ink jet cartridges and small electronics.


Driven by students’ interest in food and waste issues, Loyola composts in three main ways. Produce scraps and leaves are collected and composted at the Winthrop Demonstration Garden. In 2012, Loyola instituted its first commercial composting program at Simpson Dining Hall, where food scraps before and after meals are hauled to a Chicago-based facility to be processed into a soil amendment. Lastly, students and Loyola offices have the opportunity collect organic materials in 3-gallon buckets during the academic year. To learn more, go here.


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