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Food Systems


The food system entails all of the actions that take place and materials used to feed us. This includes the growing, harvesting, processes, packaging, transporting, marketing, preparing, consuming, and disposing of our food.

The food system is enormous, complex, and integrally related to a host of environmental and social challenges including environmental pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, fair trade, soil erosion, loss of biodiversity and hunger.

When applied to food systems, the STEP model has included the following features:

Multi-disciplinary Lectures

Readings and Discussions addressing

Labs and Field Trips

Reflections on course material and activities

Student Projects

A significant portion of IES's STEP Food Systems course focuses on the design, implementation, and evaluation of small group projects. These student-led projects are hands-on and offer real-world experiences that contribute to the course's overall goal of producing workable solutions to problems in our food systems. During the semester students work with faculty mentors and/or community organizations to develop their projects.

Previous topics/projects have included:

The Food Systems course is offered in rotation to STEP: Water and STEP: Biodiesel.


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