Loyola University Chicago


Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Minor in Musical Theatre


Loyola’s minor in musical theatre provides students majoring in the performing arts with cross-disciplinary curriculum. Students who wish to minor in musical theatre should make an appointment with Chairperson Sarah Gabel. The chairperson will sign the student’s minor declaration form (to be taken to the Sullivan Center), help work out a schedule, assign an advisor in the student’s area of study, and answer any questions that the student may have. To receive a minor in musical theatre, students are required to complete 21 credit hours. They must be already majoring in theatre, music, or dance to sign up for the minor. The tracking sheets for each type of major can be found below:

Musical Theatre for Dance Majors

Musical Theatre for Music Majors

Musical Theatre for Theatre Majors

A word of advice to all minors:

It is important that you enter the dance sequences appropriate to your skill level. See the Dance Standards of Placement to determine the dance level that best meets the student’s skill level.

Music theory and musicianship course sequences according to your skill level.  MUSC 144 (Music Theory I) and MUSC 145 (Musicianship Lab I) as well as MUSC 244, Music Theory II, and MUSC 245 (Musicianship Lab II) must be taken concurrently.

THTR 203 (Dramatic Structure and Theatrical Processes) is the foundation for all theatre courses and should be taken first before other theatre classes if at all possible.