Loyola University Chicago

Department of Theology

Recent Faculty Book Publications

Peter J. Bernardi, S.J., PhD Fr.

  • Maurice Blondel, Social Catholicism and Action Française: The Clash over the Church’s Role in Society During the Modernist Era. Washington, D.C.: Catholic University Press of America, 2009

Wendy Cotter, CSJ, PhD

  • The Christ of the Miracle Stories: Portrait Through Encounter. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic Press, 2010.

Robert A. Di Vito, PhD

  • Board of Editors-in-Chief. The New American Bible, revised edition (NABRE). Translated from the Original Languages with Critical Use of All the Ancient Sources. Authorized by the Board of Trustees of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine and the Administrative Board of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and the United States Catholic Conference. Canonical rescript signed by Cardinal George on September 30, 2010 (Copyright September 30, 2010).

Colby Dickinson, PhD

  • Words Fail: Theology, Poetry, and the Challenge of Representation, Fordham University Press, 2017.
  • Walter Benjamin and Theology, ed. Colby Dickinson and Stephane Symons, Fordham University Press, 2016. 
  • The Shaping of Tradition: Context and Normativity, with the collaboration of Lieven Boeve and Terrence Merrigan, ‘Annua Nuntia Lovaniensia’ LXX, Leuven: Peeters, 2013.
  • The Postmodern Saints of France: Refiguring ‘The Holy’ in Contemporary French Philosophy, London: T&T Clark, 2013.
  • Between the Canon and the Messiah: The Structure of Faith in Contemporary Continental Thought, ‘Bloomsbury Studies in Continental Philosophy’, London: Bloomsbury, 2013.
  • Agamben and Theology, ‘Philosophy and Theology’, London: T&T Clark, 2011.

Hille Haker, PhD

  • Religiòser Pluralismus in der Klinikseelsorge, with G. Wanderer and K. Bentele, Lit:Berlin, 2014. 
  • The Return of Apocalypticism, Concilium 2014/3 with Andres Torres Queiruga and Marie-Theres Wacker.
  • Postcolonial Theology, Concilium 2013/2 with Luiz Carlo Susin and EloiMessi Metogo.
  • Hauptsache Gesund? Ethische Fragen der Pränatal- und Präimplantationsdiagnostik. München: Kösel, 2011.
  • Trafficking, Concilium 47,3 (2011) with Lisa Cahill and Elaine Wainwright.
  • Natural Law, Concilium 46,3 (2010) with Lisa Cahill.
  • Perspektiven der Medizinethik in der Klinikseelsorge, Walter Moczynski, Hille Haker, Katrin Bentele und Gwendolin Wanderer (Hrsg.), Berlin, Münster, Wien, 2009.
  • Medical Ethics in Health Care Chaplaincy. Essays, Walter Moczynski, Hille Haker und Katrin Bentele (Hrsg.), Berlin, Hamburg, London u.a., 2009.

Marcia Hermansen, PhD

  • Islam, Religions, and Pluralism in Europe, Co-edited with Ednan Alsan, Springer VS, 2016. 
  • Islam and Citizenship Education. Co-edited with Ednan Alsan, Springer VS, 2015.
  • Shah Wali Allah of Delhiʼs Treatises on Islamic Law. Louisville, KY: Fons Vitae, 2010.
  • Muslima Theology: The Voices of Muslim Women Theologians. Co-edited with Ednan Aslan and Elif Medeni, Peter Lang, 2013.

Edmondo F. Lupieri, LLC, Lic.

  • Giovanni e Gesù. Storia di un antagonismo. (Frecce 161), Carocci, Roma 2013.
  • In the Name of God: The Making of Global Christianity. Transl. by Giovanna Lammers. Revised by the Author, with J. Hooten and A. Kunder. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publ. Co., Grand Rapids (MI) / Cambridge (UK) 2011.

Mark McIntosh, PhD

  • Divine Teaching: An Introduction to Christian Theology. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 2008.

Michael Patrick Murphy, PhD

  • A Theology of Criticism: Balthasar, Postmodernism, and the Catholic Imagination. New York: Oxford University Press, 2008.

Hugh Nicholson, PhD

  • The Spirit of Contradiction in Christianity and Buddhism, Oxford University Press, 2016. 
  • Comparative Theology and the Problem of Religious Rivalry. Oxford University Press, 2011

Tracy Pintchman PhD

  • Sacred Matters: Material Religion in South Asian Traditions, ed. Tracy Pintchman and Corinne Dempsey. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 2016.
  • Hindu Ritual at the Margins: Transformations, Innovations, Reconsiderations, ed. Linda Penkower and Tracy Pintchman. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 2014.
  • Goddess and Woman in Hinduism: Reinterpretations and Re-envisionings, ed. Tracy Pintchman and Rita D. Sherma (New York: Palgrave-Macmillan 2011).
  • Women's Lives, Women's Rituals in the Hindu Tradition. Edited by Tracy Pintchman. New York: Oxford University Press, 2007.
  • Guests at God's Wedding: Celebrating Kartik among the Women of Benares. State University of New York Press: 2005.

Susan Ross, PhD

  • Anthropology: Seeking Light and Beauty. (Liturgical Press, 2012)

Devorah Schoenfeld, PhD

  • Isaac on Jewish and Christian Altars: Polemic and Exegesis in Rashi and the Glossa Ordinaria, Fordham University Press, New York, November 2, 2012.

Michael J. Schuck, PhD

  • Democracy, Culture, Catholicism: Voices from Four Continents, ed. Michael Schuck and John Crowley-Buck, Fordham University Press, New York, 2015. 

Thomas H. Tobin, S.J., PhD

  • The Spirituality of Paul. Message of Biblical Spirituality 12; Wilmington, DE: Michael Glazier, 1987; republished Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2008.

Aana Marie Vigen, PhD

  • Ethnography as Christian Theology and Ethics. Co-authored and co-edited volume with Christian Scharen, Bloomsbury, formerly T&T Clark, 2011.
  • Women, Ethics, and Inequality in U.S. Healthcare: "To Count among the Living". Palgrave Macmillan, 2006; revised paperback edition in 2011.
  • God, Science, Sex, Gender: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Christian Ethics. A co-edited volume with Patricia Beattie Jung, University of IL, 2010.

Urban von Wahlde, PhD

  • Gnosticism, Docetism, and the Judaisms of the First Century: the Search for the Context of John's Gospel and Why It Matters, Bloomsbury T T & Clark, 2015
  • A Commentary on the Gospel and Letters of John.Grand Rapids: Eerdmans Critical Commentary , 2010.
    • Vol. 1: Introduction, Analysis, Reference (lii + 705 pages)
    • Vol. 2: Commentary on the Gospel of John (929 pages)
    • Vol. 3: Commentary on the Letters of John (441 pages)