Loyola University Chicago

Transformative Education

Transformative Education

As the nation's largest Jesuit university, we offer a transformative education, guided by our strong religious identity and yet still welcoming of other traditions.

Here, students experience faith and reason working in tandem. It is through this conviction, that the same God is both the source and the goal of all our knowing, that we distinguish ourselves in the broad world of academe.

The Catholic members of our community see the fullest expression of this divine presence in the person of Jesus Christ. This same faith serves as the source for our deep respect and sincere appreciation for people of other backgrounds who seek to grow in faith as well as in knowledge.

In this way, we are set on preparing people to lead extraordinary lives, providing growth at every corner—from ignorance to understanding, from isolation to dialogue,from indifference to moral responsibility. This renewing sense of purpose, fed by knowledge in the service of humanity, helps guide our every action.

In the end, we hope to be seen as both a premier research university, where people come to better understand the world, as well as a sanctuary for self-reflection, where people come to better understand themselves.