Loyola University Chicago

Transformative Education

Our Commitment to Excellence

Loyola's Plan: 2009–2015

In keeping with our mission and our desire to be an institution with a transformative spirit, Loyola University Chicago adopts the following three overarching goals for 2009–2015:

  • Deliver the premier undergraduate educational experience in Chicago, characterized by a transformative educational experience in the Jesuit tradition.

  • Deliver a high-quality professional education that is characterized by innovation, excellence, ethics, service, and leadership, strategically leveraging health care, law, and business as nationally ranked lead programs.

  • Create an institutional culture devoted to public service and research, particularly in the areas of the life sciences and health care, ethics and social justice, and children and families, emphasizing interdisciplinary collaborations.

To accomplish these goals, our strategies include the following:

  1. Deliver an undergraduate learning experience that embodies concretely the spirit and principles of the document "Transformative Education in the Jesuit Tradition," promoting development of the whole person through an integrated curricular and co-curricular program.

  2. Recruit and retain a diverse faculty and staff who are committed to the principles of Jesuit education; who are excellent in teaching, mentoring, research, and service; and who are increasingly international in background and interest.

  3. Continue the development of interdisciplinary Centers of Excellence and other research opportunities that promote the life sciences and health care, ethics and social justice, and children and families, and that advance the mission of the institution.

  4. Raise the reputations of the graduate and professional schools to national and international prominence and ranking.

  5. Create University environments on each campus that support our transformational educational objectives, including spaces that promote academic, social, and recreational interactions and activity.

  6. Enhance and foster meaningful joint activities in teaching, research, and service that link the Medical Center and the lakeside campuses.

To read the complete plan online, visit LUC.edu/strategicplanning.