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Center for Tutoring & Academic Excellence

Test of Academic Proficiency Prep

The CTAE offers Small Group Tutoring to students from the School of Education who are preparing to take the "Test of Academic Proficiency" for the state of IL. These groups are formed when 3 or more students are available at a coinciding time. They will work with a trained tutor who has recently passed the Illinois Basic Skills Test. These groups will meet once a week and potentially more in the weeks leading up to the test to ensure that participants are as prepared as possible for test day. Get prepared by completing our Collaborative Learners Request early!

  • Be sure to designate your request for the “Test of Academic Proficiency Prep” when prompted.
  • DO NOT worry about course numbers or instructors for your request; they are not needed to apply

 To get prepared, click here.

Unfortunately, this service is not available during summer sessions.