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Enabling Automatic Updates

If you are running Windows 2000 or Windows XP, you should configure your computer to automatically download and install patches. If you are using a Mac, please go here. Enabling automatic updates will help keep you protected from a significant number of attacks used by hackers and worms to attempt to exploit your system and install programs that you don't want, such as programs to use your computer to send out spam.

Turn on automatic updates

To turn on automatic updates, open your Control Panel (Start -> Settings -> Control Panel). Double-click on the Automatic Updates icon, which should bring up a window that looks like this:

Click on Automatic (recommended), then click OK.

This will cause your computer to automatically download and install any critical updates that Microsoft releases. Typically, Microsoft will release all critical updates on the second Tuesday of each month, although critical patches may be released outside of that schedule. Your computer will automatically download and install those patches. If your computer needs to be restarted , you will be prompted. Please restart your computer when prompted.


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