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Mobile Security Tools

Mobile devices have become one of the primary tools we use in both our personal and professional lives. One of the things that makes mobile devices so powerful are the thousands of apps we can select from and use. However, with the tremendous power and flexibility of apps come a number of risks you must be aware of. The key to maintaining a secure mobile device is to only install apps from trusted, secure sources and make sure they are always updated.

Below are some examples of both free and paid security apps and settings that you can enable on your mobile device.

  • Anti-Virus: Prevents viruses from infecting your phone while you're surfing the Internet. You can protect your handheld from viruses and malware by downloading any of the following recommended apps
  • Anti-Spam: To avoid being flooded with spam & improve detection of spam and malware when downloading e-mail.
  • Password Management: Helps users manage all of their online passwords securely in one place. The three options mentioned here all offer free trials, allowing you to decide which interface you like the most.
  • Theft Protection: Protects against physical and identity theft.
  • Communication Security: Added security when accessing your email. 


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