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VPN: Install & Configure - Mac Safari

1. One-time steps to prepare to connect to the VPN

2. After the one-time steps have been completed


      Safari Client Certificate Install:

Note: There is currently an issue with Safari not properly handling the certificate required to access the VPN. Until this issue is resolved, please use Mozilla Firefox to connect to the VPN. After you have connected, you can then switch back to using Safari if you want to do so. Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded from here. Instructions on installing the certificate into Mozilla Firefox can be found here.

1. Upon successful processing of the VPN access request, a confirmation email message from “Loyola VPN Administrator 8-6086 ” will arrive containing an auto-generated ‘private key’ password and a client certificate (clientcert.p12) file attachment.


2.  Double-click on the clientcert.p12 file. This should launch Keychain Access and the Add Certificates wizard. You will be prompted to select which keychain to attach the certificate to. In most cases, this will be "login". Select the keychain you want and click OK.


 3.  Enter the password for clientcert.p12 and click OK. Please note: This is not your UVID password, but rather the ‘private key’ included in your welcome email in Step 1  You will only use this password for installing your certificate, so you do not need to remember it..

4.  You should see a message confirming that the certificate was imported to your keychain. 

      Safari First Time Setup:

1.  Using Safari, navigate to https://vpn.luc.edu. You will see a message asking if you want to allow Safari to sign using your privateKey. Click Always Allow.


2.  Enter your UVID and password, then click Logon.

 3.  On the ‘Home’ page, click on the link entitled “REMOTE NETWORK ACCESS(VPN)".

 4. You will see a security confirmation window. If it matches the one listed below, click Trust.


5. The Install SSL VPN client should appear. Click Continue.


6. Select the hard drive that you want to install the software on (in most cases you will only have one hard drive to choose from). Then click Continue and then Install.


7. You will be prompted for your Root password. Enter it and click OK.


8. You should see a message indicating that the software was successfully installed.

9. Open up the Keychain by going to Application -> Utilities -> Keychain

10.  Find the VPN certificate that you just installed.  It will contain your Loyola UVID.

11.  Right click on the certificate and select "New Identity Preference".

12.  Enter https://vpn.luc.edu/ make sure to include the backslash at the end (/).

13.  Close Keychain.  You are now able to access the VPN using Safari.



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