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  Cyber Security Awareness

Don't be caught off guard by cyber bandits, watch this video to learn how to be prepared to fight against identity theft, viruses and Spam mails using Firewall, Anti Viruses and Anti-spy-ware software.
  Got Anti-Virus ?

There are three major elements to protecting yourself - use anti-virus software, automatically patch your system and be careful about what you click on. Following the instructions and advice in those links will protect you from many viruses, worms, and trojan horses.
  Phishing Internet Security

By being careful about what you click on, you can avoid a large number of the problems. The Internet contains a large population of unscrupulous individuals who are looking to take advantage of you, so you should make sure you know what to expect when you click on a link.
  Internet Relationships

Be aware of whom you are talking online with.

eBay and other online market places have become quite common places to do business on the net. This video will show you how to avoid the scams and the thieves, and conduct your business safely.
  10 Most Common Passwords

Is your password one of the ten? You better hope not. If it is, this video will tell you how to find your way off this dubious top 10.(Make a Strong one)


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