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RDP Lite

Instructions to use RDP lite‌


In windows 7 make sure you’re allowing Remote Control of the machine …right click Computer and select Properties.

Click on Remote settings and under the remote tab select the level of security.

If you don’t not allow Remote Desktop you’ll get a connection error when trying to connect from RDP.


Now Simply download and Install RDP Lite from the app store on your device.



Enter your password.




After it's installed, configure the connection.



Now enter the IP address of the machine you want to connect to. Notice it uses port 3389 by default.



You can change the display optiosn so it runs faster.



Click on Connect.




Make sure you have the f5 client installed on your device.



After connecting to your machine, you'll just need to log in just like RDP on the desktop.


Now you can access anything on your desktop right from your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch! You can move the screen around and make it larger for easy access to what you want on the desktop






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