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Consistent use of our identity fonts in a strong system based on informational hierarchy establishes a brand identity and allows written and visual content to always remain the stars. Loyola maintains its typographic hierarchy even when variations occur because of a particular medium’s strengths or to address its limitations.

In general, Loyola prefers using a single font family for body copy, sub-headlines, and the majority of headlines. A second font may be introduced for points of emphasis, which generally means the largest headlines, and an accent font may be used to organize multiple categories of content in longer publications and presentations.

Myriad Pro is Loyola’s workhorse. It is economic yet legible, making it an ideal in body copy and smaller headlines. Because of its simplicity, Myriad is popular as a corporate font. Apple, for example, has been using it as such since 2001.

Inspired by the timeless beauty of the fonts of the late Renaissance, Minion Pro is our primary serif typeface. It is clear and balanced, suitable for almost any use. Loyola uses it in larger headlines and in printed pieces that are more traditional or formal in tone. Minion Pro Display is especially elegant larger than 48–54 points and with generous white space.

Used sparingly and intentionally, Vitesse is the University’s accent font. It is a 21st century slab serif that adds strength to our look and feel. Generally speaking, the font should be used only for navigation and design flourishes like quotes and numbers. A little bit goes a long way. Care must be taken not to allow Vitesse to overtake our identity fonts. Vitesse should never lead material; Minion Pro or Myriad Pro should always be the most visible font.


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