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Media/Internal Communications

The three-person media relations and internal communications team is responsible for the strategic development and day-to-day execution of both the University's internal and external communications initiatives. We also oversee the coordination of the digital screens, the population of the Loyola experts database, and we manage the distribution of special broadcast e-mails from various University departments. Lastly, we are responsible for all media relations initiatives involving the University, including the development and distribution of all press releases and media alerts, and any crisis communications. To view the press release archive, click here

Team Members

Media Relations/ Internal & External Communications
Maeve Kiley  Director of Communications
Maeve directs our external and internal communications initiatives, focusing on our image's reputation and enhancement.
Steve Christensen Communications Manager
Steve manages the development and execution of the university's internal and external communications initiatives.
Megan Troppito Communications Specialist
Media/Internal Communications Services

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