Loyola students create personalized four-year plans to help them graduate in four years.

Planning for the future

When choosing a college, it's important for students to determine whether their academic program of choice will allow them to graduate in four years. At Loyola, we're committed to supporting our students throughout their entire Loyola experience, and to helping them complete their undergraduate coursework on schedule.

By collaborating with academic advisors, faculty, and staff, Loyola students develop their own comprehensive and personalized four-year plan to help them shape their college experience. This collaborative process is key to preparing students to graduate in four years, saving them both time and money. In addition to working with students to plot out their four-year academic blueprint, Loyola also offers a variety of other options to help students stay on track, including summer sessions, online learning options, and accelerated January Term courses.

Loyola's commitment to student success is apparent by our graduation rates: our four-year graduation rate is 59.8%, and our six-year graduation rate is 70.2%. Both percentages are significantly higher than the average graduation rates among both public and private universities nationwide.

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Graduation Rate 4 year


Graduation Rate 6 year

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