Transfer Credit Policy for First-Time Freshmen

New first-time freshmen may transfer credit hours toward their undergraduate degree requirements under the following conditions:

  1. Students must complete and submit an application form within the first 30 calendars days of initial matriculation at Loyola University Chicago.
  2. The college course must have been conducted in conjunction with an institution of higher education.
  3. The student must have earned a grade of B or higher in such transfer courses.
  4. Students awarded such transfer credit are limited to a maximum of 36 credit hours for the combined total of AP Credit, IB Credit, CLEP and/or transfer credit.
  5. The transfer credits will be applied toward the normal 120 credit hour graduation requirements and be consistent with transfer articulation rules in effect for Core, Major, School, or Elective credit.
  6. An exception may be granted to students who attend a high school in which students may earn an associate degree while in high school; such students may transfer up to 64 credit hours to Loyola.
  7. This policy will be administered by the Office of Registration and Records.


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