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Ellie Kang

Statement of Candidacy


Hi, my name is Ellie Kang. As a fellow freshman, Loyola is just as new to me as it is to you. Nonetheless, I want to be one of your freshman representatives because I believe that the experience could teach me how an official government/organization dealing with critical issues other than “school dances” fully functions. Additionally, coming from a school that was built only four years ago, I was not exposed to the idea of “tradition” that most, if not all, of you learned about. By becoming a member of the USGA, I will be given the opportunity to learn what it means to “uphold standards” since the USGA is involved in many of the student hallmarks Loyola has to offer as we saw with our student body president at convocation.  Lastly, the number one reason for all of this is because I want to become a useful “go-to” resource for any questions or worries you may have in your transition into a college student.  That being said, if elected, I plan to focus on the following ideas:

By hitting these main ideas, I am determined to make the thoughts and concerns of our freshman class be taken seriously and have a place in our Loyola community no matter how new we are to the campus. We are the future of the next four years and as a potential freshman representative, I am eager to help shape and support all that we have to offer.



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