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Gabriella Lunich

Statement of Candidacy


     Hi Freshman Class, if I haven’t met you already and given you a hug, my name is Gabriella Lunich, but you can just call me Gabby! I am asking for your support in electing me as your next Freshman Representative on USGA. I am a California girl, who is ready to make a difference for our school community through this leadership opportunity.

            My outgoing personality, organizational skills, and devotion for everything I do make me more than a qualified candidate for this position. Throughout my life I have been eager to take on leadership opportunities, beginning with my term as (high school) freshman class president. I climbed ladders throughout those for years to become the Associated Student Body President my senior year, head volunteer coordinator for the Westside Thanksgiving Food Drive.

            I understand everyone has specific issues they wish to address, but my most important issue is making sure with absolute certainty that all of these voices get heard.

            I could talk on about my years of experience running meetings, coordinating events, and many plans to get everyone’s voices heard. But so could any good candidate. I simply can not put it any more simply than to say that I love nothing more than serving my community. Just like artist lives for beauty, the dancer for form, the athlete for performance, I live to serve. Knowing that I can devote myself to this place I now call home is what drives me each an every day. I appreciate your vote for me, Gabriella Lunich, to serve as a USGA Freshman Representative.


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