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Unified Student Government Association

Jackson Santy

Statement of Candidacy

     In high school, I ran for Student Council three times. Three times I networked tirelessly with other students, practiced my speeches determining if I wanted to be the funny guy or the next JFK, strived to make the best poster by recruiting the graphic design department at my father’s ad agency, three times I wanted to win. I ran for Student Council three times and I lost three times. Some people are stopped by one instance of defeat, I had three of those instances but that did far from stopping me. I may have lost those three times, but those three instances of defeat were vastly outnumbered by the victories I achieved in high school. Victories like making the football and basketball teams, acting in six theatrical productions and being president of four clubs during my senior year.

     I believe that you can’t always change your situation, but what you can change is how you deal with it.  I hope to get elected to Student Government but if my electoral luck followed me from high school—it won’t matter. I might not get on Freshman Senate, nor will many of the other candidates, but in no way does that mean that we can’t make an impact on the Loyola campus. If by chance I get elected for SGA, I promise to help instill students’ desire to change things that they want to be changed, to give them voices and to help those voices be heard.


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