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Jessica Chitkuer

Statement of Candidacy


Hey Ramblers! My name is Jessica Chitkuer and it’s a deep honor to run to be your Freshman Representative.

     As my high school’s Student Council President in California, I have had the enormous privilege of not only representing my school in school board meetings, but also planning many successful events. As a very involved high school sophomore, I was the only student to plan my school’s first ever large-scale fundraiser that raised over $30,000 to go towards educational funding. I was also able to assist in creating my school’s first engineering program, Engineering Pathways Towards Innovation and Change (EPIC), that quickly rose to become the number two engineering program in the county within merely two years. In addition to my involvement with student council, my other leadership roles included being a studio dance captain and National Social Media Director of the Junior State of America (JSA) organization.

     If elected to become a Freshman Representative, I hope to serve on the Academic Affairs legislative committee. My past involvement as a Student Board Member for my school’s Site Council and Foundation for Education demonstrates my passion for promoting educational opportunity, a passion I know that I will continue to pursue at Loyola.

     My involvement in high school manifests what I hope to accomplish here at Loyola-- the ability to create a diverse and accepting community where all current and future students will have an amazing college experience! I am truly thankful for your vote and support, and I look forward to having the opportunity to represent you!


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