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Megan Saracino

Statement of Candidacy

     It’s my belief that a candidate running for any office should uphold many values including, but not limited to integrity, justice, knowledge of and dedication to the institution he or she will serve, experience in the field and finally motivation. Because these are the values I would expect from any other candidate, these are the values that I strive to maintain.

     Although Loyola is already a great institution, it would be silly to say that there is no need for improvement. Being an urban campus in Chicago, Loyola must always seek improvements like the water bottle refill stations sponsored by USGA to keep up with a city that is always modernizing itself. I want to join USGA so that I can improve Loyola by making it a modern campus that still upholds its Jesuit roots and becomes not only a place of study, but also a second home for its students.

     I feel that I am very well-qualified for this position. Throughout all of my life I have always been a leader, a go-getter. In high school I was associated with many clubs and two sports teams. Some examples of my leadership include:

     Of course, what I want the most out of this position is the opportunity to meet fellow students and hear what they would like to improve about the university.  As cliché as it might sound, when meeting new people I feel in my element. I’m very friendly and open-minded. I like to hear other people’s ideas and even if I’m skeptical, I will always be willing to hear someone’s argument and give them a fair chance.

      We are the student body of an institution that is here to educate us. I am a strong advocate for the idea that we should take the university into our own hands and create an environment catered to our needs and desires for what we want the university to be and how it should be represented to the Greater Chicago Area. By joining USGA I hope to be a good representative of the student body to the association and to the university.                   


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