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Mohammedi Khan

Statement of Candidacy

     Class of 2017! My name is Mohammedi Khan but most people know me as Mo. I’m from the suburbs, Elmhurst IL to be exact, I am currently residing in “Mertz till it hurtz”. I am a bio/pre-med major, just like half this campus. I am running for the position of freshman representative for UGSA, Unified Student Government Association.

     This is the first organization that I looked for at Orientation and the OrgFair and the reason is because Student Government/Council has been a part of my life since 6thgrade. As other members dreaded dedicating hours for Student lock-in, homecoming, and turnabout setups, I was always pumped. I enjoyed every second of it, because Student Council was what defined who I was and still does – a leader. I have always been a leader, I was very involved in my old high school where I was president of my sophomore and senior class. I was chair of numerous committees, including Homecoming committee, turnabout committee, and also started a committee called “Service committee” which is dedicated to serving around the community and we have gone as far as helping out American Red Cross with packaging emergency supplies for states when they’ve been struck with a natural disaster. I created service committee after I took responsibility for helping out with a flood disaster in Pakistan that no one was aware of because of the lack of media coverage. I worked hands on with the managers of PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) to have the boxes of medical and emergency supplies be shipped to Pakistan to the victims of the flood for free that we had collected at my high school and the community. Our next project was helping out with the more recent earthquake that struck Turkey, we did the same with Turkish airlines. I have been very involved with fundraisers for the Middle East especially during the Egyptian revolution, and currently the Syrian conflict.

     Helping out in any way possible, especially in serving the community is very important for me because my life motto is: Everyone is born for a specific reason, and it is up to you to find your reason. As I always tell anyone who is close to me, there are millions of people who came before you and there will be millions who come after, but you have one life to do what you were born to do, so find that reason and live it. I believe that I was born to bring change to places that no one else worries much about, such as third world countries. This weaves into my own dream of one day becoming an OB-GYN and setting up medical camps in countries where medical accessibility is limited, but is also needed the most.

     Some reasons why I would be a great representative for our freshman class is: I am a very social person, have a great sense of humor, and the biggest reason of all I believe is that I am a natural leader, and have been for as long as I can remember. I am not afraid to take charge and initiate projects when necessary. I am considerate of others thoughts and ideas, and make sure their voices are heard, however, at the same time I make sure my points are communicated to the public as well.

     I want to be involved at Loyola to make sure we all have the best college experience possible.


Just remember:  Mo money, no mo’ problems!


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