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Sivaram Yeramati

Statement of Candidacy

     Every single person on Earth has their own unique trait through which they can help society. It is each individual’s job to find what that trait is. I think I’ve found mine. As vague as it seems, I have a knack for thinking of ideas that could make things better. Whether it’s the layout of my room, my daily schedule, the structure of this very sentence, or the health of another person, I try to optimize the subject’s performance whenever it is possible. This ideology has resulted in very positive results in the past. As the secretary of National Honors Society at my high school, our chapter recorded its highest fundraiser totals as well as its highest food pantry donation totals in its existence. The improvements I want to see Loyola make by the end of this year are described by my 5-step plan called GLOBE:

GLOBE: Grants, Life, Orientation, Bridge, Evaluation


1. Grants: Provide grants to students who can provide a legitimate case to conduct experiments with a willing professor. Breakthroughs bring media attention.


2. Life: Improve student life primarily inspired by ideas students give to me or anyone else in the committee.


3. Orientation: Make adjustments to the orientation schedule for future students. Specifically, more time for scheduling classes and learning how to use Locus and less time for promotional videos.


4. Bridge: Construct a pedestrian bridge to cross Sheridan. Being late to class is painful. And jaywalking across Sheridan the equivalent of flashing gang signs at night on the south side of Chicago.


5. Evaluation: Develop a top of the line system that will take student reviews into account when deciding the longevity of professors at this university.

As a member of my High School’s debate team for the past four years, I have the skills to help make these ideas a reality in our daily lives here at Loyola University. So when and if someone votes for me, they don’t just vote for Siv, they vote for the GLOBE.


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