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Chief Justice and Chief of Student Organizations

The following candidate has applied for the position of Chief Justice. Please see his/her Statement of Candidacy below. 


Monica Finke 

Statement of Candidacy

During the second semester of my freshman year, I was presented with the unique opportunity to join the Unified Student Government Association as an associate justice on the Judicial Board.  My passion lies with the study of law, and this presented a perfect opportunity to become more involved at Loyola.  Since then, my three consecutive terms on the Judicial Board have profoundly influenced my Loyola experience, and I wish to continue that experience by seeking election as Chief Justice of the Judicial Board of USGA.  

Currently, I am a sophomore at Loyola University Chicago and am studying social justice philosophy and international studies, with a minor in criminal justice.  I am a member of the Honors Program at Loyola, where I have developed confidence in my ability to think critically.  I am also a member of Alpha Phi Omega, Loyola’s co-ed service fraternity.  My experiences volunteering with Alpha Phi Omega inform my strong belief in social justice.  

As a member of the Judicial Board, I will ensure that USGA legislation follows the founding documents of USGA as well as the mission of the university.  As Chief Justice, I plan to encourage vigorous discussion between justices when deliberating over cases and passed legislation.  During the fall semester of 2012, I assisted in drafting the new ethics clause for USGA, and as Chief Justice, I would be eager to see the clause incorporated into the daily workings of USGA.  I also want to focus on the USGA Judicial Board’s presence on campus, informing students through future tabling events.  

My previous experience in USGA qualifies me for the position of Chief Justice of the Judicial Board.  I served as Secretary of the USGA Judicial Board since fall of 2012, and I assumed the role of Chief Justice Pro-Tempore during the spring semester of 2013.  I regularly attend weekly Senate meetings, and I am familiar with the procedures and processes of USGA Senate.

Overall, I believe that my stated experience makes me well qualified for the position of Chief Justice.  If I am elected Chief Justice of the Judicial Board, I will ensure that it abides by its purpose while encouraging greater communication between the Judicial Board and the student population.   

Monica Finke


The following candidate has applied for the position of Chief of Student Organizations. Please see his/her Statement of Candidacy below. 


Robert Olson 

Statement of Candidacy

My name is Robert Olson. I am a History and International Studies double-major, rising senior, and a candidate for Chief of Student Organizations (CSO) here at Loyola University Chicago.

My primary motivation in running for the position of CSO has been the desire to do “the Magis”, or the Jesuit ideal of “the more”. In my time here at Loyola University Chicago, I have been privileged to serve as a USGA senator on the Facilities and Transportation Committee, participate actively in Sorority and Fraternity Life, and currently serve as a representative on the Campus Activity Network’s Executive Board.

If I were elected to CSO, I would continue to be an active voice for students’ interests, strive to increase the amount and quality of dialogue between registered student organizations,  and explore the on-campus events that bring us together as the truly unique and diverse Loyola community that we are. Issues of special interest to me are a more universal poster policy, Loyola’s Eco-Mission, and how we can best harness the space of the new student union for the betterment of Loyola University Chicago as a whole.

Whether studying abroad in Rome or at home in Chicago, Loyola has been a community that has given me a great deal, leaving me with only the desire to give back.

In that spirit, when reviewing the candidates for CSO, I humbly ask that you consider my bid for the position.

Robert Olson 

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