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Junior Representative Candidates

These candidates have applied to be Junior Representatives to the USGA. Please see their Statements of Candidacy below. 

Sofia Aguila

Hey fellow Ramblers, my name is Sofia Aguila, I’m currently a sophomore here at Loyola and I’m running for a place on USGAs Senate as are representative of the 2013 Junior Class.

I’m interested in being elected because USGA plays a crucial role in addressing the needs of the student body, and I would love to participate in USGA’s facilitating issues of interest here on campus. I was involved in student government in high school and I was also a member of USGA my freshman year.

With that being said, I feel confident in my abilities to represent my fellow Juniors and to act as a vessel for which other students can use as an active voice to their concerns.

With your vote, I hope to gain a seat on our Senate and the opportunity to serve you in being an advocate for honest change.

And finally, I’d like to wish the best of luck to all other prospective candidates!!


Alyssa Mathews

I am currently a sophomore at Loyola University and I have had the pleasure of being part of the Unified Student Government Association this past year. Before I ran for elections in the spring of 2012, I had no idea what being a member USGA entitled. There were only two things I was fully aware of when I was running: I need to be a part of making a difference at this school and I want to expand my knowledge on social issues were facing in society. After, being a part of USGA for a full year, I can wholeheartedly say that I have achieved both of these goals and then some.

This year, the Justice Committee and I worked on the Chief Diversity Officer proposal, we are working on undocumented student issues, and we are currently in the process of writing legislation for Just Employment here at our campus. This committee has been such a rewarding aspect of my year because it has opened my eyes to issues that I was not even aware of.

The reason I want to re-run as a Junior Senator is because if I were re-elected I would put even more commitment and dedication into USGA. I want to continue to be a voice for all students and represent diversity within our Senate. My work can benefit USGA because I have a strong passion to lift this University to its fullest potential so that our current and incoming students can have an unforgettable experience here at Loyola.

Though I was involved in many different activities in high school my leadership skills shined the most through being Vice President of Student Government, peer mediating, assistant coaching for the Special Olympics, and being a part of Speech Team. Currently at Loyola, I am the secretary for Loyola’s South Asian acapella group, Rambler Raag and I am a Desk Receptionist at Marquette South Hall. Both positions demonstrate leadership and being involved in the Loyola community.

I truly look forward to tackling new issues and voicing student concerns if I am re-elected as a Junior Senator. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope I am able to continue to make a difference at this school.


Dana D’Onofrio

Dear student leaders and USGA,

I am interested in serving as the position of a junior representative in USGA. If I were to represent the junior student body, I would be sure to be genuine and honest in all of my responsibilities. What interests me in this position is the draw of government inside me. I have this yearning to learn as much as I can about community, state, federal, and international politics.

As I am a political science major, a position on USGA would help me get my feet wet in the government of our student body. I am proud to say I go to Loyola and then to further mention the accomplishments our student government has made. One, in particular, was a big initiative last year, the ban on plastic water bottles on campus. I have many interests in the sphere of politics and issues, but one I think is very prominent is human impact on the environment. It was great to witness the ban take place and continue today. I would love to continue our quest on making Loyola even greener.

I hope it is clear that my heart is in this but I want to be clear on my qualifications and experiences as a student leader. In high school I was a part of clubs and sports teams, of which I also held leadership positions. One in particular was a team manager for the Girl’s track team my senior year. Responsibilites included recording times and distances, running warm-ups, or running errands for the coaches. I was the Vice president of our town’s Leo’s club, which is a teenage branch of the Lions club. The responsibilities included standing in for the president, monitoring other positions, and more.

At Loyola, I make sure that I do my best and contribute the most I can to whichever organization I lead. One I have done this year specifically is being a 360 retreat leader. During this incredible experience, I was in charge of the occasional ice breaker, congregating everyone to a specific place, or participating in the activities during the retreat. I also spoke to everyone about my trials and tribulations of getting involved so far at Loyola. What brought me the most joy were the small group meetings we had every day; getting to know all my freshman on a personal level and making sure they felt comfortable. I am also a member of Alpha Phi Omega, which has brought great joy in my life. I hope to hold more leadership positions in APO, but as of right now I am attending committee meetings, representing the fraternity at a CAN meeting, and staying involved where I can.

The start of my leadership positions at Loyola was a as floor representative for the Mertz hall council my freshman year, first semester. It would be a great honor to continue my involvement at Loyola and be a representative in USGA. I can bring determination, heart, loyalty, and responsibility to student government. I believe this quote by Reinhold Niebuhr sums up why we are all here representing the student body, “Man's capacity for justice makes democracy possible; but man's inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary”. Thank you for considering me for this position.


Mary Ertle

My name is Mary Ertle and I am a sophomore sociology major and business minor at Loyola. I am currently a member of USGA as an undesignated representative and I would love to continue being a member of Senate next fall. As a senator now, I am on the Residence Life and Dining Committee and my main focus is working on a campaign to make Loyola a Fair Trade University. I would love to retain this position and continue this work in order to serve as an ambassador for social change on campus.

I am also a member of Alpha Phi Omega, a fraternity on campus that focuses on service as well as honing leadership skills. Because of my previous experience on Senate, as well as my involvement in APO, I feel like I would make a good representative of the student body--regardless of these qualifications, the best qualification I have is simply my passion for making Loyola a better place for its students.  


Max Timm

I believe that the best way to change anything that one disagrees with is to actively work for it. Who at Loyola has been unhappy at some point with the policies or choices that administration has made, seemingly without hearing the opinion of the students? I know I have, and I do not intend to allow that to continue to allow that to happen. I want to be a representative of change at this University.

Granted, many of the departments at Loyola do the best they can with the resources they have available to them; however, there are specific regions where work could be done. As a representative of the Loyola student body, I would work towards improving dining services on campus, as well as issues with increases in tuition and room and board rates.

As a freshman, I represented the Hall Council of Simpson as President, and currently serve my Fraternity and the IFC of Loyola as the Philanthropy and Community Service Chairman. In addition to this, I am a manager at Felices. I believe that the more well-rounded someone is, the more experience they have to handle any role that they are given, especially one in a position of leadership in a Student Government of any type.


Vinny Torossy

My name is Vinny Torossy and I am seeking your vote to remain a Senator for the class of 2015. Great things may be promised and guaranteed by other candidates, but I am not going to risk making a promise that I cannot keep. One thing I can promise though is that I will represent the Juniors of Loyola with the upmost respect and integrity. Whenever there is an issue that needs to be addressed, any student of Loyola should feel comfortable bringing it to my attention and I will work to the best of my ability to address the issue for the benefit of Loyola University. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve my class thus far and I am asking you that you please allow me to continue to represent the class of 2015 as we all become juniors next year. I have shown my leadership skills these last two years as I have served them being the Chairman of the USGA Facilities and Transportation Committee. There are a lot of improvements that I still would like to implement in regards to the facilities and transportation committee. Give me the chance to implement those changes and to return to my position as a junior senator on the Unified Student Government Association. I have always been adamant about getting things done in the most effective manner. It’s about what can get done and what will get done if I, Vinny Torossy am given your vote. There is no issue too large or too small for me to handle, I am the one that can get it done! Re-elect Vinny Torossy for representative of the class of 2015!


Zubairuddin Mohammed

 I am honored to accept the nomination as a candidate for the position of Junior Representative for the Unified Student Government Association (USGA) for the upcoming year.  Over the past semester I have become involved in the student organizations at Loyola University Chicago. These involvements has given me the opportunity to experience firsthand how important direct interactions with student community and the Loyola community are in developing a more pedagogical and creative environment for all members.  I am excited to contribute even more towards the goals of sustaining and heightening the USGA student experience at Loyola University Chicago with next year’s devoted USGA team. 

As a Junior Representative, I will work towards:

-Raising awareness of the services and participatory opportunities that the USGA offers to Loyola students and community. 

- Enhancing existing collaborations between USGA committees to further improve on current arising concerns. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to become a member of a team that has such a strong influence on the LUC community. I am confident in my ability and experience to serve as a junior representative for the USGA. If elected, I will maintain the current stability that the USGA experiences and improve upon the efficiencies of the mission it provides to Loyola University Chicago.

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