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Unified Student Government Association

Aamir Kadri

Chief of Student Organizations

Fellow Students,

I currently serve as an executive board member on the Campus Activities Network. This position provides me with the skills necessary to take on the position of Chief of Student Organizations because I understand what issues student groups face and how best to solve them. I understand how student organizations tend to take the back seat when it comes to administration, and this is something I would like to change. Student organizations should be prioritized, not placed as secondary to administration. I serve in several positions that give me access to upper level administration, so this would help me in my efforts to create a better relationship between the university and student groups.

I also hope to create a better community amongst student organizations. Many groups are unaware of the opportunities for collaboration and the great benefits that arise. Letting people know that this is a possibility, through joint events sponsored by the Campus Activities Network, would bolster the project and create awareness on the issue. It is only helpful to student organizations to work together because it benefits not only the organizations, but also the university. This also would create a better relationship with the university administration, reinforcing the first change I would like to implement.

Loyola is a great community in itself, and it is only fitting that our student groups further improve this already strong community. If elected as Chief of Student Organizations, I plan to make strides towards this goal, and I ask that you consider me as a candidate for this project.


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