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Dana D'Onofrio

Senior Rep.

Dear student leaders of USGA,

I am interested in serving as the position of a senior representative in USGA. If I were to represent the junior student body, I would be sure to be genuine and honest in all of my responsibilities. What interests me in this position is the draw of government inside me. I have this yearning to learn as much as I can about community, state, federal, and international politics.

As I am a political science major, a position on USGA would help me continue to be involved with the government of our student body. I am proud to say I go to Loyola and then to further mention the accomplishments our student government has made. One, in particular, was a big initiative 2 years ago, the ban on plastic water bottles on campus. I have many interests in the sphere of politics and issues, but one I think is very prominent is human impact on the environment. It was great to witness the ban take place and continue today. I would love to continue our quest on making Loyola even greener.

I hope it is clear that my heart is in this but I want to be clear on my qualifications and experiences as a student leader. In high school I was a part of clubs and sports teams, of which I also held leadership positions. One in particular was a team manager for the Girl’s track team my senior year. Responsibilities included recording times and distances, running warm-ups, or running errands for the coaches. I was the Vice president of our town’s Leo’s club, which is a teenage branch of the Lions club. The responsibilities included standing in for the president, monitoring other positions, and more.

At Loyola, I make sure that I do my best and contribute the most I can to whichever organization I lead. Besides being a junior representative this past year, I am other involvements. One I have done this year specifically is being a 360 retreat leader. During this incredible experience, I was in charge of the occasional ice breaker, congregating everyone to a specific place, or participating in the activities during the retreat. I also spoke to everyone about my trials and tribulations of getting involved so far at Loyola. What brought me the most joy were the small group meetings we had every day; getting to know all my freshman on a personal level and making sure they felt comfortable. I am also a member of Alpha Phi Omega, which has brought great joy in my life. I am the current Vice- President of  fellowship.

The start of my leadership positions at Loyola was a as floor representative for the Mertz hall council my freshman year, first semester. It would be a great honor to continue my involvement at Loyola and be a representative in USGA. I can bring determination, heart, loyalty, and responsibility to student government. I believe this quote by Reinhold Niebuhr sums up why we are all here representing the student body, “Man's capacity for justice makes democracy possible; but man's inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary”. Thank you for considering me for this position.


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