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Unified Student Government Association

Danish Murtaza

Senior Rep.

Hello Loyola! My name is Danish (like the pastry) Murtaza and I am a current Senator in the USGA. I would like to be re-elected as a Senator for the 2014-2015 term. I am currently a Junior and majoring in Molecular Biology and Political Science. I have been on USGA for the past three years and have worked on many initiatives. I have sponsored legislation advocating for financial aid and advocating for environmental sustainability. Over the past two years I have been pushing forward a Just Employment Policy for our workers on campus in order to provide them with a living wage as opposed to a minimum wage. I am very passionate about USGA and am quite familiar with its function. I have served on the Justice Committee for three years; a committee dedicated to social justice, environmental sustainability, and Catholic, Jesuit identity. I hope to serve once again on USGA and to serve once again on the Justice Committee. My goal is to continuously bring the student voice to the university administration. My goal is to continuously fight for what is just and what is right for the student body and for the Loyola community as a whole. I look forward to serving you once again. Thank you.


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