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Unified Student Government Association

Elizabeth Black

Sophomore Rep.

Hey guys! My name is Elizabeth Black and I am from the awesome city of Chicago. I am super excited to be running again for representative for the Unified Student Government Association and eager to let you know why you should re-elect me to be your sophomore representative. As an active participant in USGA last semester, I am familiar with the organization and its members, and can therefore focus all of my energy on working with this awesome organization to make the changes that you want for Loyola. I have established great connections which not only the students inside and outside of USGA, but with Loyola faculty and staff that will aid us in creating the change that we want. I have never been more confident in or more passionate about an organization than I have with USGA. What it stands for and the things it does is amazing, and I would be so thankful if you let me continue to be a part of something that works to make Loyola better in every way for all of its students. I have always been an effective proponent of leadership, involvement, service, and school pride. These four aspects remain extremely crucial to me and I plan to incorporate and expand upon them in everything I do as your sophomore representative.

First and foremost, I promise to serve both you and the rest of the student body as a friend and a leader who can help our class and school achieve everything that we want to. In doing so, my biggest priority is to address your needs and be an accessible and responsive advocate in bridging the gap between the administration, the students, and the community. What sets me apart from the other candidates is my direct focus on putting the interests of others first.  As cliché as it may sound, I am not running just so I can put this on my resume, or so I can say that I’m a part of student government. I’m running because I truly care about making everyone’s college experience as awesome as it can be. I believe I am an open minded, non-judgmental and hardworking person who is willing to listen to everything you have to say throughout the school year and beyond. Therefore, I am super excited to continue to be a part of this organization and I’d be honored to be re-elected as one of your USGA sophomore senators.


Division of Student Development · 1032 W. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL 60660 · 773-274-3000

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